Fiberglass Delray in Granite | Photo courtesy of Luxe Pools, WA

Fiberglass Delray in Granite | Photo courtesy of Luxe Pools, WA

11 Inground Pool Remodel Ideas

March 24th, 2023 by

Renovating your pool and its surrounding areas can breathe new life into your backyard. Whether you bought or inherited a house with an existing pool and want to give it a makeover to better fit your style, or you’ve just had your pool for a long time, a periodic facelift can make it feel exciting and new all over again.

Stumped for inspiration? We’ve got you covered with a list of ideas – from upgrading your surrounding decking and landscaping to inground pool renovation ideas. See something that sparks your imagination? A Latham Independent Pool Dealer can help you make the pool remodel of your dreams a reality.

Let’s take the plunge and dive deep into inspiration!

Rejuvenate the Area Without Reconstructing Your Pool

Sometimes, it’s not your pool itself that needs a little zhuzh-ing up. The sun still glints off of its crystalline finish and makes the stone or tile coping around it shimmer. While your pool may be the crown jewel of your backyard, every diamond needs the right setting to shine its brightest. Sometimes, renovating the area directly around your pool – and not your pool itself – can give you a fresh look at a lower price point.

Here are a few pool remodel ideas that don’t require making any changes to your pool itself, but involve replacing decking or perking up the landscaping around your pool.

1. Upgrade Your Decking

If you have an older wooden deck, depending on its age, it can look shabby against a well-kept pool. Upgrading your decking to something more striking can be a great way to offset your pool.

Stone decking not only won’t warp under wet foot traffic near your pool, but can be a beautiful way to compliment stone coping. You can add stone decking bordering your pool, or opt for a series of stone slabs to form the entire surface of your pool deck.

Looking for more unique pool decking ideas? Pavers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, giving you the option to play with patterns for a truly bespoke look.

Regardless of the type of decking you choose, keep in mind that your pool will require three feet of decking surrounding your pool to provide it with support and stability. Working with a professional can help you to ensure your decking meets local building codes and will be as structurally sound as it is aesthetically pleasing. Contact a builder to help you explore your options and refurbish your pool decking.

Latham Vinyl Liner Pools Rectangle | ELECTRIC AQUARIUS inground pool
Rectangle Vinyl Liner Pool with Decking

2. Upgrade Your Landscaping

When you’re lounging poolside or kicking back on a float with a cool drink in-hand, beautiful landscaping can enhance the enjoyment factor. Consider sprucing up the greenery around your pool to give your backyard a well-deserved makeover.

No, you don’t have to go all Edward Scissorhands and have elaborately-trimmed shrubs. There are plenty of easy landscaping ideas that require minimal maintenance. That said, if your pool remodeling plans involve adding more plants and shrubs, be sure you consider your weather patterns, what plants may thrive year-round, and the geographic terrain of your yard.

A little planning beforehand can help you avoid any mistakes and make the most of your budget. Landscaping trends come and go, but sometimes, a regularly-trimmed lawn can be striking in its simplicity – with less upkeep and less competition to allow your pool to stand as a focal point!

Rectangle Pool with Underwater Lighting, Landscaping and Patios
Rectangle Vinyl Liner Pool | Photo courtesy of Blue Diamond Pools & Landscaping Canada

3. Build a Pool Theater

Having a pool often means that your backyard is the place to be in your neighborhood. You can up the entertainment factor by adding a pool theater to your backyard, enjoying some of your favorite flicks from your favorite lawn chair or pool float.

If you have a porch or patio with a protective overhang, consider mounting a large flatscreen TV on a wall facing your pool. Having ample coverage that can protect sensitive electronics from moisture is important from a logistics and safety standpoint.

You can also consider setting up a large projection screen equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth, which can be purchased relatively inexpensively and add a whole new dimension of fun to your backyard. (Just think twice about whether all of your guests are quite ready for a Jaws-themed movie night!)

Custom Pool with Outdoor Theater and Couch
Custom Vinyl Pool with Outdoor Theater | Photo courtesy of Bancheri Bros. Canada

4. Install a Patio

Installing a patio can give you a designated space to pull up a chair, hang out near your pool, and soak in some sunshine. If the area is wide enough, you can even furnish it with a suite of patio furniture to bring the comforts of your living room to your backyard.

A paved, brick or cobblestone patio design may require more planning and specialized materials – as well as an expert to make sure the ground is level and can support it. Speak to a builder to confirm any specifications and help bring your design to life!

Latham Fiberglass Axiom 14 | Crystite Classic Sapphire Blue inground pool
Fiberglass Axiom 14 in Crystite Classic Sapphire Blue | Photo courtesy of Pettis Pools & Patio NY

5. Put in an Outdoor Kitchen

Nothing beats a juicy hank of BBQ you grilled yourself on a hot summer day. While a portable grill can be a welcome addition to your backyard, an outdoor kitchen can be another way to liven up your pool area. This ultra-luxe pool remodel has gained in popularity in recent years.

If your outdoor kitchen plans include having a stove or appliances that use electrical wiring or gas lines may want to enlist the aid of a licensed professional – especially if you may have a stove or appliances that use an electrical or gas line. These should be installed by a professional to ensure your outdoor kitchen meets appropriate safety standards.

In addition to a covered area for cooking, consider outfitting it with seating – such as a dining table or some well-placed barstools around a countertop. To more seamlessly blend an outdoor kitchen with your pool, a swim-up bar can be another excellent add-on.

Latham Fiberglass Cancun | Maya inground pool
Fiberglass Cancun in Maya | Photo courtesy of Aquamarine Pools of San Antonio TX

Modernize Your Pool

While a change of landscaping or decking can certainly revitalize your pool, sometimes, you may need to give your pool itself a facelift. Maybe your liner looks a little shabby, or you’d prefer to replace an older concrete pool with a splashier fiberglass model for more longevity and appeal. Once you’re armed with ample inspiration, enlist the aid of a professional contractor to help you with your remodeling project to be sure it’s up-to-code and meets proper standards.

6. Upgrade Your Concrete Pool with Fiberglass

If you purchased or inherited a home with a pool, it might be an older concrete model. Concrete pools, over time, can more easily show wear and tear and may require resurfacing – which can be quite expensive. However, upgrading a concrete pool to a more modern fiberglass model can give your backyard more curb appeal and more years of enjoyment while splashing around in your remodeled masterpiece.

When comparing fiberglass vs. concrete, fiberglass gives you more options for colors and finishes. In terms of longevity, a fiberglass pool can last the lifetime of your home or longer – anywhere from 30 to 50 years! When it comes to maintaining your pool, fiberglass requires comparatively less upkeep than concrete or gunite pools.

A professional contractor can best advise you on what’s involved with transforming your old concrete pool into a shimmering new fiberglass one. You may also need to recruit an electrician if you plan to install a heater or motorized pool cover, which not only adds an extra element of safety, but can help you cut down on pool heating costs and water evaporation.

Latham Fiberglass Claremont inground pool
Fiberglass Claremont | Photo courtesy of Denscot Pool & Spa, CT

7. Replace Your Vinyl Liner

If you have a vinyl liner pool, changing out your liner every few years can be an easy and more affordable way to give it a facelift. While your pool’s shell may be in great condition, the vinyl liner can sometimes get scratched or torn with years of use. Typically, a vinyl liner can last between 10 to 15 years.

Beyond the practicality of replacing a worn vinyl liner, you just may want to change up the look of your pool. There are plenty of vinyl liner patterns and solids to choose from that can add more depth and dimension to your pool, making it look brand new!

As always, consult with a licensed professional pool contractor first. They can advise you on your vinyl liner options and properly complete the installation process. Additionally, if you are planning to revive your pool with some new add-ons – such as a tanning ledge, pool lights or shelf – they can make those additions first, then overlay with your new vinyl liner for a seamless installation.

Latham Vinyl Liner Pools Recessed Horizontal Top Track | Charcoal inground pool
Onyx Vinyl Liner Patterned Pool | Photo courtesy of All Star Pools by Lorenzo, Canada

10. Install Underwater Lighting

If you’ve ever wanted to transform your pool into a mythical grotto straight out of a dreamworld, underwater lighting is your answer. Underwater LED lighting can give your pool an ethereal glow from beneath the surface. While they can be simple white lights or custom pool lighting that can change color with a tap of your smartphone – or even operate to synchronize with the beat of music. The result? A breathtaking lightshow in your own backyard.

Talk to a builder to find out if your existing pool is compatible with LED lighting options and what’s required to add them to your pool.

Latham Fiberglass Astoria | Crystite Crystal Night Sky inground pool
Fiberglass Astoria in Crystite Crystal Night Sky | Photo courtesy of Brooks Malone, TN

11. Install a Tanning Ledge or Beach Entry

A simple-yet-functional addition, installing a tanning ledge or beach entry to your pool. These additions are simply an elevated platform (or elongated step) near the shallow entry way of your pool. They’re great for wading in and getting some sun without getting totally submerged.

There’s no one-size-fits all style. Choose from a variety of tanning ledge designs, including fiberglass gel-coated tanning ledges or soft-to-the-touch vinyl liner pool ledges.

When weighing your tanning ledge options, talk to a builder to find out what steps you may need to take in order to install one. In the case of vinyl liner pool ledges, you may want to plan for one if you are replacing the liner of your pool. In this instance, the ledge is created from steel or polymer and the pool’s liner stretches over it for a seamless look. On the flipside fiberglass tanning ledges can be added to an existing pool in a variety of shapes and styles.

Add Luxurious Features

It’s the little details that can help liven up your pool and backyard space. Consider eye-catching elements like pool lights or water features to really step up your pool’s aesthetic game.

Some of these features may require you to change out the vinyl liner or fiberglass shell of your pool, but if you’ve already planned to make a switch, reserving budget for some of these add-ons can really enhance your pool’s overall wow-factor when completed.

8. Add Water Features

Your pool itself can be a relaxing oasis in your backyard. However, water features like inground pool fountains, bubblers and pool waterfalls can transform it into even more of a soothing sanctuary. These features can also make your pool more lively, too. Kids are often fascinated by jets of water bursting across the pool or enjoy creating their own splash zone around playful bubblers.

Contact a builder to help you determine which features may work best for your existing pool and upping the fun factor of your pool!

Water Features and Fire Bowls Around a Fiberglass Pool
Fiberglass Fiji Pool with Water Features and Fire Bowls

9. Add Fire Pits and Bowls

Fire pits have become popular in recent years as backyard fixtures, situated on a deck like a modern-day campfire. But did you know that you can incorporate a fire bowl into your pool itself? Fire pit designs can range from more traditional raised fire pits that double as an outdoor grilling space, or give the look of a grand Greco-Roman palace with well-placed fire bowls serving as built-in decorative features framing your pool entrance.

As always, when considering features that require natural gas, propane, or electrical configurations, contact a builder to install.

Latham Vinyl Liner Pools Rectangle | PRISM inground pool
Vinyl Liner Pools Rectangle in Prism | Photo courtesy of Dig2Swim Pools & Spas LLC, MI

12. Top your Pool with an Automatic Cover

There are many benefits of automatic pool covers. Not only do they add an element of safety, but can offer tangible savings in the long run in terms of conserving heat and water.

An automatic pool cover can be operated with just the touch of a button and is a safety feature that prevents unwanted visitors from piling into your pool when you’re not there, or from kids or pets accidentally falling into your pool and averting a tragedy.

Autocovers can be part of a larger pool remodel, or a stand-alone purchase. Contact a builder to help you learn more about your options for installing an automatic pool cover.

Latham Automatic Safety Covers Under Track | Charcoal inground pool
Coverstar Under Track Automatic Cover | Photo courtesy of Aqua Pools, IL

Ready to Upgrade Your Existing Pool?

Renovating your pool – or just the area around your pool – can give you even more enjoyment, plus add curb appeal to your home. When you’re ready, get in touch with our team of friendly, knowledgeable Latham builders to learn more about your options.

Even if you don’t have the budget today, financing options are available, including home equity loans, secured or unsecured personal loans, HELOCs, or working with a Latham pool dealer for direct financing. The (renovated) pool of your dreams is within easier reach than you may have thought!

Contact a builder today.

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