Above Ground Swimming Pools Liners

A liner does more than just hold water — it also completes your pool’s appearance. Simply by changing the liner, you can give your pool a complete makeover, getting the experience of a brand-new swimming pool at just a fraction of the cost.

Get creative and express yourself by choosing between our industry-leading offering of breathtaking above ground pool liner patterns, colors, and styles. From mosaic and geometric designs, to bold solid colors, to patterns inspired by nature, we carry all the most popular above ground pool liner styles. With our patented Ultra-Seam technology, which comes standard on all of our pool liners, you’ll never see an unsightly seam again.

Above Ground Swimming Pools Liners

Types Of Pool Liners - Overlap and Beaded

Overlap Above Ground Pool Liners

Overlap pool liners attach to the pool by hanging over the pool wall from the inside and allow easy adjustment during installation. Overlap pool liners are an affordable option and are available in nine different colors.

Beaded Above Ground Pool Liners

Beaded pool liners are an excellent choice for replacement pool liners, but new pool owners can also appreciate their design and color options. Beaded pool liners snap into place thanks to a receiver that hangs over your above ground pool wall. Unlike their overlap counterparts, which require the top of the liner to overhang the wall, beaded liners allow some additional style options with narrower borders and tile trims. We offer eight different designs of beaded pool liners.

Above Ground Swimming Pools Liners

Liner Thickness and Coping

Liner Thickness

When selecting a new or replacement liner, it’s important to ask an expert: How thick should an above ground pool liner be? It depends on factors like sunlight exposure, the materials the liner is covering, and how much wear and tear you anticipate. Thick liners maximize damage protection, while slimmer liners are more flexible and affordable.

Liner Coping

Think of pool coping like the frame around a work of art: a functional yet decorative border that caps and completes the finished piece. The purpose of coping, which looks like a rim or lip around the edge of your swimming pool, is to prevent leakage, direct water flow, and create an anchor point for safety covers. Coping can also give your pool that perfect finishing touch, like the trim on a home or the icing on a cake. We offer exclusive designs you’ll only find from Latham Pool Products, like our patented Snap-Lock and SureFit coping systems, ensuring durable, quality construction.

Supported Brands

We can help you build and design the pool of your dreams and guide you through the process to select the ideal shape, size, and customizations. Our expert dealers will help you understand the installation process so you will understand every step of the pool-building journey.