Vinyl liner swimming pools are exciting and unique because they offer a number of customization options. You can pick a size and shape that fits your backyard and add custom features like a vinyl liner pattern, pool steps, and add-ons like water features or a spillover spa from there. Besides the nearly endless customization options, vinyl liner swimming pools are built to last with minimal upkeep and maintenance. Constructed with innovative materials and cutting-edge technology, vinyl liner pools can withstand the elements like excessive sunlight, water and pool chemicals.

Latham, the Pool Company is the largest manufacturer of fabricated pools in North America. With over six decades of experience and thousands of installations completed in North America, Europe and Australia, our authority and expertise are unparalleled. Pair that with one of the best pool warranties in the industry, and there’s no need to look elsewhere for a top-quality pool. From our vinyl liners to our industry expertise and experience, learn more about the unique features of a Latham vinyl liner pool.

Vinyl Liner Pools Fit Any Backyard Aesthetic

Vinyl liner pools are a popular choice for pool owners because they’re affordable, relatively low-maintenance and highly customizable. Vinyl liner pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be designed to fit virtually any type of backyard. From planning to installation, building a pool is a big decision and can be a significant investment, that’s why it’s important to choose the best materials and manufacturer to ensure you can enjoy your vinyl liner pool for years to come.

Vinyl Liner | Full-L with Gold Pebble Liner

Vinyl Liner | Full-L with Gold Pebble Liner

Latham Ultra-Seam Pool Liners

Vinyl pool liners are more than just pretty designs that ultimately depict your backyard ambiance. Vinyl pool liners are the unsung heroes of pool maintenance; they prevent costly leaks and ensure a smooth, scrape-free swimming experience. But not all vinyl pool liners are created equal. Latham vinyl liners use the cutting-edge Ultra-Seam® vinyl liner technology that virtually eliminates the appearance of unsightly liner floor seams. Seams in a pool liner may not sound like a big deal, but for a flawless finish—especially when you have a beautifully patterned design—they can be a dealbreaker.

Our vinyl pool liners come in a variety of gorgeous patterns, each intended to elevate your vinyl liner pool to a height of elegance you richly deserve. Latham vinyl pool liners are an effortless way to give your pool an inexpensive makeover for a fraction of the cost of a complete overhaul.

The Benefits of Latham Ultra-Seam

What Are Latham Pools Made of?

We combined our proven manufacturing and premium materials, a Proprietary Polymer Formation, and G235 Galvanized North American steel to construct virtually maintenance-free swimming pools. Our pool liners are made of multiple vinyl sheets securely fused together. We use premium material that delivers a silky-smooth, flawless feel but that lasts for years, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time maintaining it!  Durable, algae-resistant and smooth to the touch—what more could you ask for in a vinyl pool liner?

Learn more about the components that go into our vinyl liner pools to make them a long-lasting investment to bring you years of family fun.

We use Latham Graphex polymer panels to construct the walls on our vinyl liner pools. Made from high-impact, corrosion-free rigid polystyrene resin, our polymer pool walls are resilient to a variety of environmental conditions as well as designed to be resistant to thermal expansion, rusting, bowing and deflection. Latham’s Graphex polymer wall systems are made from non corrosive materials to increase your liner life through reduced wall abrasion. Latham polymer wall panels and braces have a lifetime limited transferable warranty.

Latham’s steel wall systems complement your vinyl liner pool and offer unsurpassed strength for easy maintenance and increased longevity and versatility. Our steel wall systems are backed by our lifetime limited transferable warranty.


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Latham Vinyl Liner Pools: Built Better to Last Longer

When you work with Latham to build a vinyl liner swimming pool, you are making an investment in a low-maintenance, long-lasting swimming pool that you can enjoy for years to come. We take immense pride in our materials and manufacturing. To prove it, Latham offers an industry-leading warranty to give you peace of mind in your investment.

Vinyl Liner | Gemstone Liner

Vinyl Liner | Gemstone Liner

Learn More About Latham’s Vinyl Liner Pools

As thousands of happy customers can attest, no other pool manufacturer comes close to delivering the quality and expertise that you can expect from a Latham vinyl liner pool. Our world-class warranty and commitment to quality ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your pool, anxiety-free, for years to come. Explore more of our website to see how you can enhance your life and home with a Latham vinyl liner pool.

Vinyl Liner | Crystal Liner

Vinyl Liner | Crystal Liner