10 DIY Pallet Patio Furniture Ideas

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Building a pool is a huge undertaking. But the job is about more than digging a hole and filling it with water – it’s about creating an amazing space for entertaining. Making your whole pool area welcoming for guests and comfortable for your family is a huge part of the process.

Outdoor furniture can be expensive. What’s more, styles can be limited and standard sizing may not work for you. But fear not, today the Latham team has put together a great list of pallet furniture options for those who know their way around a toolbox.

Contemporary landscape idea by Las Vegas Landscape Architects

Simple seating

The most basic thing a pool area needs is seating. From bench seating to sectional-style sofas, assembling a great seating area using pallets is fairly simple.

  • Bench seating: The most obvious thing people build out of old wood pallets is benches. Personalize your bench seating with vibrant paints and contrasting cushions.
  • Modular seating: Take traditional bench seating up a notch by creating a modular seating system that you can rearrange to stage different areas depending on the crowd.
  • Sectional-style: Recycled pallets are an affordable option for recreating popular sectional seating arrangements from inside your home in the poolside area.

Sleek storage

Having somewhere to stow the colorful cushions and pool toys is a boon for any poolside area. Using pallets, you can readily assemble modular storage containers to fit any decorative theme.

  • Beautiful boxes: With wooden pallets, you can craft a durable storage trunk to stow all those pretty cushions during the offseason.
  • Flexible furniture: If space is a consideration, there are lots of online plans for pallet benches and other flexible furniture that can double as storage when not in use.
  • Tables: Add convenience and flair to your pallet seating with coffee tables or side tables that have integral storage.

Something special

While you’ve already taken the time to customize the style and furnishings, you might find yourself wishing there was a signature piece to tie the area together. Some great options for signature pallet furniture pieces include:

  • Walk-up bar: Hosting parties comes with the territory once you’ve finished your pool building project. Whether you’re serving smoothies for the kids or hosting a cocktail evening, a pallet bar can be a great focal point for your outdoor entertainment area. Bonus points for building your backyard bar with a “swim up” counter on one side.
  • Pretty planters: From basic herb gardens to amazing floral displays, people have crafted some amazing pool-side planters with pallets. There are plans out there for planters to suit all styles.
  • Toasty fires: Believe it or not, people use wood pallets to construct some pretty amazing fire pit tables.
  • Super swing: Whether you choose a simple swing for one, constructed from two pallets and hung from a large tree in your yard, or a more unique bed/bench-style swing, a pallet swing is a great option for increasing the appeal of your outdoor seating area.

These pallet furniture ideas are just the tip of the iceberg for your outdoor seating area. Finding a local source of quality wood pallets can be as easy as asking your neighbor. Consider the coatings you choose for your pallet furnishing with care, particularly if the furniture will be in your pool’s splash zone. Most of all, remember to have fun while building your pool area.

We hope these pallet furniture ideas have sparked your imagination to create your own backyard oasis.

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