Easy Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Around the Pool

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A well-designed pool looks great on its own, but framing a pool with beautiful landscaping will really show it off. While landscaping can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be. If you have a pool that you’d like to showcase, here are four easy and inexpensive ideas.

Tidy up your current yard

If your yard is unkempt, tidying it up is the cheapest way to improve its look. You should

  • Keep your yard and garden beds neatly trimmed
  • Regularly weed your gardens and potted plants
  • Remove any dead plants or debris

Only consider other ways to improve your landscaping once your yard is neat and orderly.


Create a path with paving stones

Use recycled paving stones to create an affordable, elegant and practical path from your back door or deck steps to your pool. Paving stones are large and flat, so they’re comfortable to walk on in bare feet, and you can create an interesting design by laying them in a geometric pattern. Just be sure to dig a shallow square for each one so that they lie flat with the ground. That way, no one will stub their toe on a stone.

For an upscale look, try ground cover between the stones. Moss, creeping sedum and lemon thyme are all low-growing and require little maintenance.

Plant a border around your pool

Outlining your pool with flowers is a beautiful way to frame it, and you might be able to create a border without purchasing a single plant. If one of your friends has a flower that you like, ask them for a few cuttings or bulbs.

To ensure you don’t have to replant the flowers every year, look for a perennial. Hostas and Irises are two good choices.


Install Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses provide a chic look and are great for creating a focal point near your pool. Putting them in a pot on your pool’s deck will add a little flair to it.

You’ll probably have to buy ornamental grasses. As long as you don’t let them die during the winter, though, your purchase will be a one-time investment. The grasses should come back every year, and they require almost no maintenance.

Don’t let cost estimates for remodeling ideas frighten you away from improving your pool’s appeal. These four landscaping ideas are easy, cheap and will give your pool a great new look.

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