Lawn Decor to Add Comfort to your Backyard Oasis

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While hopping a jet to some far away exotic destination is a great fantasy, the reality is that that is tough to do — at least on a regular basis. Thankfully, you can have an incredible oasis right in your backyard. It starts with your gorgeous inground swimming pool. With that installed, there are many simple additions you can make to enhance the “escape to paradise” feel of the pool area. And, every one of them is cheaper than a flight to the Caribbean. 
Try some (or better yet, all!) of the ideas below and see how small enhancements to your pool deck area can have a big impact on its look and feel.

Lots of Places to Lounge


More than just a spot to sit, high quality lounge chairs and other patio furniture create a resort look. Whether you are going for a swim or simply sipping a tropical cocktail while you admire your pool, you’ll feel like you are on vacation.

Plentiful Plants

There’s nothing like abundant greenery to elevate the appearance of a pool deck. Permanent planting boxes are great, but even sets of large, well-placed pots can give the area a lush, landscaped feel. Just be sure that your planters are far enough from the pool that rain showers don’t continually wash mulch into it.

Let there be Lights!

Strings of lights hung a safe distance from the water can give your pool area a very festive feel. Classic white looks great year round, or get really ambitious and change things up with different colors from time to time. Every hue will produce a different vibe.

Can’t Beat Candles

Candles in decorative holders or fixtures look great by day and create amazing ambiance when lit at night. Lighting a large number of candles before an evening party or late night swim takes a little work, but it’s well worth it. Just be sure to extinguish them when you leave the area.

Fun around the Fire Pit


Especially in the fall as the evenings start to cool, nothing feels better than coming out of the pool after a refreshing swim and warming up around a glowing fire. Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, and they give a pool deck a multi-purpose, “come stay for a while” feel.

Endless Options

Of course these ideas are just the tip of the decorating iceberg. There are surely hundreds of ways to give your pool area an oasis feel. The point of this short list of suggestions is simply to get the creative juices flowing, and to point out that it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to create an exotic atmosphere for your pool area. Give it some thought and then go transform that space into something special!

Originally posted 11/2016.

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