Outdoor Showers: Practical and Exotic

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If you have a backyard pool, you may think about how convenient it would be to have a poolside shower. And you’re not alone. More and more people are adding an outdoor shower to their pool-building plans.

Why an Outdoor Shower?

To avoid the black gunk from suntan oil, you probably insist your family and guests shower before they jump in the water. How many times have you followed a trail of wet footprints or other debris from poolside to bathroom and cursed the mess? And how about the effort required to keep your bathroom presentable for guests who may drop by and want to take a dip?

A shower can also provide a great place to clean up after a run or working in the yard, and a great place to wash pets. It keeps your outdoor life’s detritus where it belongs.

An outdoor shower doesn’t need to simply be a shower head and a drained concrete pad. Your outdoor shower can be a big part of setting an overall design concept around your backyard oasis.

Outdoor Shower Designs

Outdoor pool shower

An outdoor shower can be as simple or complex as you like. When building a pool, consider the feel you want to give your entire backyard living space.

If you’re looking to give your pool more of a “resort” feel, an outdoor shower can be an important feature. Evoke a tropical paradise with an old oak bucket as the “showerhead” and surround the secluded location with appropriate plant life.

For a more back-to-basics feel, a simple shelf bracket, zip ties, garden hose and aluminum can make a showerhead that will have everyone talking. Incorporate a black garden hose located in steady sunlight to naturally heat the water.

If your outdoor shower location has a great view, it can make for the perfect stress reliever after a long day at work.

Design Considerations 

poolside shower ideas from Latham Pool
Keep in mind certain limitations when designing your outdoor shower. If you want hot water, running pipes to the shower’s location will involve trenching. That work is much easier if done before you start landscaping the area around your pool.

Also, take privacy matters seriously, not only your own but those of your guests. Design with the most modest person in mind. Moisture levels and ventilation of the area are also important concerns. You want an area that dries quickly and fully following the shower’s use to prevent mold and mildew.

Of course, any spectacular outdoor shower needs an equally impressive pool next to it. Contact Latham Pool to learn more about the best pools in America.

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