10 Tips for Buying a Backyard Swimming Pool

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Fulfilling the aspiration of installing a pool can be as frustrating as it is amazing for home owners. Latham’s team of experts have put together this quick list of ten must-know items to help make the pool construction process easier.

1. Budget prudently

There are plenty of variables that go into any swimming pool project, so the first thing you need to consider is the amount you’re willing to commit to spending. Your budget will frame the scope of your pool’s construction, installation, and style. It’s prudent to consider long-term maintenance costs, monthly insurance premiums, and other ongoing costs, but knowing your limit for the major one-off expenditure of installing the pool itself is key.

2. Do your due diligence

Research your city and HOA regulations and guidelines about pools. There may be permits required, regulations about fencing, or other features that add a potential cost to your project. Most of all, you want to avoid the hefty fines that often accompany ordinance violations.

3. Build a vision

Slides, diving boards, water features, lighting, easy maintenance features, amazing landscaping…whatever your heart desires. Create a dream board on Pinterest, make a scrapbook, or go digital by pinning all the ideas you come across on those search binges–the idea is to keep track of the things you like so you have plenty of options for every phase of the project.

4. Create balance

Working with your pool designer, balance your budgetary requirements against your most desired features and any local restrictions. This is the step where your pool project really starts to take shape.

5. Consider maintenance

Choose equipment that has a long lifespan, is easy to maintain, and comes with a strong warranty. The ongoing operational costs for your pool will become a necessary part of your household budget.

6. Design with purpose

Are you building a pool for friends and family to hang out around, just for your kids to play in, for you and your partner to retreat to, for training and/or therapy purposes, or a mixture of these? Consider the practical uses of your backyard pool when choosing design features – it’s far easier to install something at the beginning than to retrofit it later.

7. Landscape wisely

When you’re choosing features and fittings, choose plants and landscaping details carefully to avoid increasing your maintenance efforts in the future. Incorporate features that will make your life easier in the long run.

8. Green perks

Some features can help save more than the environment. Investing in “green” options like an autocover or a filtration pond can pay dividends by lowering energy and water usage, as well as maintenance costs.

9. Update your insurance

Accidents can be expensive, so take the few minutes required to update your home owner’s policy with details pertinent to your pool. Coverage for everything from pool-related injuries to damage from natural disasters can be surprisingly affordable.

10. Open with a splash

Plan a great pool opening event to celebrate your investment. This can be a great milestone and give you something fun to focus on when the inevitable mishap or delay happens in your construction timeline.

With careful consideration to each of these ten areas, you should have fewer headaches and more enjoyment when you buy a pool for your home. If you have questions about the potential for particular features in your project, contact a local independent dealer in your area.

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