What are the Variables Involved in a Pool Quote?

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You’ve decide to indulge your passion for swimming and install a pool in your backyard. Good choice! The next step is to have a pool installation company give you a quote. This involves an in-home consultation that takes roughly 90 minutes. The contractor will walk around your backyard to assess placement options, and will also consider site access. Then they will discuss their general findings with you, before they ultimately produce a written quote. What are the things that will influence that estimate? Read on!

The Factors that Impact a Pool Construction Estimate

After visiting your home and giving you a very high-level idea of what your project will cost, a contractor will take a few days to put together a firm quote that is typically binding for 60 days. Here are some of the factors that will be used to create that estimate:

  • Type of construction. This is the number one factor in any quote. Choosing between vinyl, fiberglass, or gunite sets the starting point for pricing your pool. If you are considering a pool purchase and have scheduled an appointment to get a quote, it’s a good idea to do a little research on the different pool types if you haven’t already.
  • Pool placement. Where will the pool be positioned in your yard? This decision will be influenced by a number of considerations. One is municipal zoning compliance. Each town has its own regulations about pools that dictate things like how close it can be placed to a well, septic system, property line, nearby wetlands, etc. The next is topography. How much grading will be required? Will fill material be needed? And finally, access and clearing. If trees will need to be removed or fences will have to be taken down to provide access to the work site, as is often the case, this will factor into the quote.
  • Pool options. Like with a car purchase, adding options will affect the price of your pool. Features like waterfalls, fountains, spas, tanning ledges, slides, benches and the like can really add enjoyment and value to your pool, but you’ll have to decide if you want to make that investment. The same is true of heaters, salt chlorine generators, and automatic vacuums.
  • Pool area options. Will you need fencing? Will you want a deck or patio around or adjacent to the pool? What about landscaping? These are other considerations that can come into play in a pool quote.

These many factors are why an estimate given over the phone can only be very general. Having a contractor visit your home is the way to get an accurate estimate. And, frankly, it’s a fun way to indulge your creativity as you ponder your perfect pool!


Cost Adjustments

While every effort is made to provide a highly accurate quote, it’s important to understand that extra costs can come up during construction. For example, if the installation crew encounters a hard rock ledge while excavating the site, additional equipment and more work may be required to remove it. The same is true if the water table is unusually high and mitigation steps must be taken. Your contractor will do their best to anticipate these kinds of issues, but sometimes unexpected issues arise.

Another thing that may affect the cost of your pool is if you decide during (or after) construction to make enhancements — adding tanning ledges, for example. These requests can usually be accommodated, but of course they will increase the price of your project. And, the sooner you talk with your contractor about a change to the original plan, the more cost-effectively it can be made.

Is it Time to Get Some Numbers?

When you’re ready to kick off your pool project, contact us if you are in the Vernon, Connecticut area. Otherwise, contact an independent Latham Independent Builder near you. We’re happy to pay you a visit and put together a quote for your beautiful new backyard oasis.

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