Free Form Polymer Pools – What is the Hype?

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A backyard pool is a personal oasis, and it should reflect your individual tastes. While rectangular pools may be suitable for some, others prefer the relaxing curves of free-form pools. If you’re looking for a paradise to relax in, a polymer free-form pool may be the perfect choice for your backyard — and it may be more affordable than you think.

Free-form pools have flowing curves

Free-form pools, by definition, don’t fit into a box. They usually have curves that flow together to create meandering borders. They’re perfect for pools, because they mimic the curves of a natural shoreline.

While beautiful, these pools are also practical. Because their curves can be fit together in a variety of shapes, you can bend them around obstacles, such as trees, bushes, and even small structures. A pool that elegantly curves around a large tree will be distinct from any other pool in the area.

When designing a free-form polymer pool, you may want to:

  • Shape its curves so that they create a natural place for a water slide, waterfall or tanning ledge
  • Build in space for a sizeable deck to enjoy lounging on
  • Bring out some curves with specialized lighting that will illuminate your pool at night

Polymer pools provide value

When looking at different pools, free-form polymer pools provide excellent value. They’re affordable yet will continue to serve you well for years.

The walls of polymer pools are non-corrosive, so they’ll last a long time. In fact, Latham Graphex and Elite Wall Panels come with a lifetime, non-prorated, transferable warranty.

Because the walls are non-corrosive, they won’t break down and rub against the liner. This will extend the life of your pool liners, reducing the annual average cost of maintenance. Latham’s liners are also less prone to distortion, as the company’s SureFit locks the bead on the liner into its track.

If you want a place you can retreat to on hot afternoons and beautiful nights, a free-form polymer pool will give you the oasis you seek. You can design its shape to fit perfectly with your property, reflect your style and incorporate all the features you want. Best of all, you can feel confident in your investment, because a polymer pool will last for years. This will be just the first of many, many years you’ll have to enjoy your backyard refuge.


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