Why are Infinity Edge Pools So Popular?

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Infinity edge pools, which seemingly stretch into the infinite horizon, have become popular features at resorts around the world in recent years, and now they’re gaining in popularity among homeowners. One of the most beautiful inground swimming pool options, infinity pools extend a property, be it a resort or a home, to the horizon. They are the perfect inground pool for homes that abut majestic mountains, beautiful shorelines or any scenic landscape.

An elegant inground swimming pool option

Infinity edge pools are ideally suited for properties that are surrounded by beautiful scenery. Unlike other inground swimming pool options that emphasize the pool, infinity pools shift the focus to the area surroundings. They blend in with the horizon, enticing swimmers to gaze off into beautiful vistas.

A customized swimming pool


Because infinity edge pools emphasize their surroundings, they should be designed to perfectly complement their environment. Since every property is different, each infinity pool should be custom designed. This may cost more than installing a standard inground pool, but the beauty of a well-designed infinity pool is worth its cost.

Tips for designing your infinity pool

You’ll want to consider both your home’s surroundings and how you’ll use your pool. Because infinity pools are built as much for their visual appeal as for swimming, most homeowners opt for designs that let them maximize their time around their pool.

You may want to incorporate the following features:

  • A tanning ledge where you can place lounge chairs facing the horizon
  • A fire pit that will add ambiance in the summer and keep the deck area warm during the winter
  • A hot tub so you can enjoy the water in cooler weather

Everything included in the pool’s design should add to the visual appeal. If you want to include a slide, place it off to one side so that it doesn’t interfere with the view of the horizon. A waterfall may be an equally fun and more elegant feature to include. Viking_Pool_Vanishing_Edge_Infinity

You can further integrate your pool with the horizon by incorporating colors from the surrounding landscape into your pool’s design. For example, if you’re in a mountainous area you could create a border using stone from a nearby mine to capture the hues of the mountain peaks you see. Alternatively, if you’re on a shoreline, you could find deck chairs that match the color of the water just beyond your pool. If you can’t find any building materials or furniture that showcase your surroundings’ colors, you can always use throw pillows and towels that have those colors.

If your home has a beautiful view, an infinity edge pool may be the perfect way to showcase your home’s surroundings and carve out your own little paradise. Take a look beyond your yard and consider how an infinity pool might bring even more beauty to where you are.


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