Poolside Furniture: How to Pick the Perfect Pieces

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To get the most fun out of your backyard swimming pool, you want people to come, play, and stay! The best way to achieve that goal is to have the right poolside furniture. In order to pick the perfect pieces, you should give some thought to how each will be used before you head out to the store or get online to make your purchases.

Creating Your Ideal Pool Deck Environment

While poolside furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, and configurations, for our purposes we’ll divide it into five general groups based on function. Deciding which of these functions is important to you, your family, and your guests can help you decide what you will need to create your ideal pool deck environment.

Chaise Lounges

It’s hard to imagine a pool deck without at least a few of these classics. Chaise lounges are the perfect place to rest, relax, and catch a few rays (or some time in the shade) between rounds of pool fun. Some characteristics to look for if you choose to purchase a lounger include that it should be weatherproof, substantial enough to resist winds but light enough to re-position easily, and it is usually ideal to have an adjustable back.

Outdoor Sectionals

If you plan to entertain around your pool, a sectional is an excellent way to provide ample seating. Many sets will also have one or more tables or ottomans, and if those pieces have hidden storage spaces, that’s a bonus. Here again, weatherproof structure and fabrics are a must.

Dining TablesDIY poolside outdoor dining table

Many pool owners love to have their meals outside. If that’s you, a full-sized dining table might be a great addition to your outdoor furniture collection. It’s best if the table is weighted and the chairs have some heft as well. The option for an umbrella is a nice feature, too.

Bistro Tables

Sometimes called “high tops,” these smaller tables are a fabulous place to enjoy your morning coffee or a nightcap by the pool. They’re easy to move, and if you have multiple tables, you can configure them in whatever way makes the most sense for a particular gathering.

Hammockspoolside hammock ideas from Latham Pool

While they may not be as common around the pool as the items above, people who buy a free-standing hammock tend to say they’ll never go without one again! Position it in the sun when you want the warmth, or in the shade for a wonderful weekend catnap.

DIY Deck Furniture

Whether you’re trying to outfit your pool area on a budget or you just love do-it-yourself projects, there are endless options for creating your own “signature” pieces! From chairs and loveseats to tables and storage, if you can imagine it, there’s surely a way to build it. Here are some DIY pool furniture ideas for inspiration.

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