Vinyl Liner Pool | Custom shape in Blue Mosaic by J&M Pool Company (GA)

Vinyl Liner Pool | Custom shape in Blue Mosaic by J&M Pool Company (GA)

7 Luxurious Features to Add Onto Your Swimming Pool

May 11th, 2021 by

Have you finally gotten around to laying the groundwork for your dream pool? Maybe you’ve been discussing pool remodeling ideas with your spouse, trying to convince them of an upgrade. While the right feature can take your pool from fun to fabulous, you might be overwhelmed with your options. While cost is undoubtedly a driving factor, don’t underestimate the value that these seven luxury pool features can bring to your backyard.

  • Waterfall – Water features do much more than provide the WOW factor for your backyard—they can actually serve as humidifiers while bringing a sense of tranquility to your space. Listen to the cascade of water as you tan in the sun and relax or swim under the grotto for a gorgeous cave-like setting that will make you feel as if you’ve been transported to a deserted island.
  • Tanning ledge – As the name implies, tanning ledges serve as an area for lounging and soaking up vitamin D. However, if your pool remodel ideas involve making your backyard more accessible for small children, elderly residents, or guests who may not know how to swim, the tanning ledge becomes much more functional as a single-depth “shallow end.”
  • Swim up bar – Imagine sipping cocktails on a built-in bar stool or swimming up to your bartender (ok, partner) to get a refill on their famous homemade sangria. Pool builders can make the most lavish ideas a reality—even installing a shaded canopy under which you can enjoy tasty beverages without the need to go in and out of the kitchen.


Fiberglass | Synergy in Classic Ocean Blue by Green Horizon Landscaping & Irrigation LLC. (MO)
  • Custom lighting – As the saying holds true inside your home, lighting is everything outdoors as well. Lighting features can single-handedly transform the look and feel of a space, so don’t underestimate them in the whole of your pool remodel ideas. From soft-lit floating flower petals to color-changing LEDs that illuminate the water by night, lighting will be the finishing touch to your luxury pool.
  • Fireplace – Maybe you’ve considered a spa but have decided your family would be more likely to relax or entertain on dry land. A custom stone fireplace is the perfect addition to your backyard for those chilly fall and winter nights. If you’d prefer a standalone unit or fire pit, extend your deck or patio to encompass a nook where you’ll bundle up with blankets and an outdoor movie
  • Outdoor kitchen – Every host’s dream, an outdoor kitchen makes entertaining a breeze. Kitchens can vary wildly in price, since it all depends on how elaborate you’d like to get—from built-in stainless steel appliances to full service bars, grills, and everything in between, your outdoor kitchen may end up looking better than the one indoors.
  • Fountain – For an extra touch of class, consider adding a fountain or bubbler to your custom inground pool. They come in all different styles, colors, and sizes and may be just the thing you need to feel luxurious. Stone fountains can enhance the other pool landscaping features, while a statue may tie the Japanese theme together as you’ve always envisioned it. Consider jets for modern, minimalist appeal.

Whatever your pool remodel ideas may be, there’s a luxury feature to match the style and feel of your backyard. There’s no better place to unwind than your own home—invest in your pool and you’ll never have a reason to leave the lounge chair. Luxury pool to match your custom home? Necessary. Tiny drink umbrellas for the swim up bar—optional.

Editor’s note: Originally posted March 2018. Updated for relevance.

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