Why Millennials Are Choosing Fiberglass Pools

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As a group, millennials tend to be curious, social, eager to learn, tech savvy, and open to changing the status quo. Consequently, it’s not surprising that those who are considering the purchase of a swimming pool are increasingly attracted to fiberglass pools. They’ve done their online research. They’ve talked with family members, friends, and coworkers. They’ve gotten the advice of pool installation and maintenance professionals. And the bottom line is that they feel fiberglass is the SMART CHOICE.

Features of Fiberglass that Appeal to Millennials

In talking with millennials about why they want a pool and what they love about fiberglass pools, here are some of the things we hear most frequently:

  • Ease of maintenance. Millennials are a high-energy, busy bunch. While they understand that they’ll need to invest some time in maintaining their pool, they’d like that time to be minimized so they can either be enjoying the pool or off on an adventure — from which they’ll come home and take a dip in the pool!
  • Cost-effectiveness. There are many reasons why fiberglass pools are cost-effective, from their durability to less money spent on cleaning supplies. Millennials would rather put their hard-earned funds toward new experiences.
  • Earth friendliness. Fiberglass pools, because they hold up well to everything from heavy use to challenging environmental conditions, and because they stay clean with fewer chemicals, are a very environmentally conscious option.
  • The social aspect. In general, millennials want a pool because it’s a place to do something they truly enjoy: hanging out with friends. You can’t argue with that! We’re biased, of course, but we believe there’s no better place for spending time with the people you care about than in or around a pool!

The Swimming Pool Choice for Discerning Millennials? Fiberglass!

The more they learn about fiberglass pools, the more millennials are inclined to own one. Of course, they’re not alone. Even baby boomers who were likely to have spent fun-filled summers in the concrete pool in their backyard growing up are quick to see the benefits of fiberglass. It’s not always the right choice — vinyl liner pools have many advantages as well — but it does make sense in many scenarios. Have questions about the specifics of fiberglass pools? Contact the independent Latham Independent Builder in your area today.


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