Myth Busters Q & A – Commonly Asked Pool Cover Questions Debunked

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Can You Offer an Overview of the Different Types of Swimming Pool Covers?

There are almost as many different types of swimming pool covers as there are different types of swimming pools; this leads to a lot of choices when it comes to which types of pool covers meet your needs and are right for your individual situation. There is simply a lot of information to go through to make these choices. Here is a quick reference guide as to what the different types of swimming pool covers have to offer, their typical uses and other characteristics they have that benefit those that use them.

Bubble covers (also known as Solar Blankets)

The best use for these types of covers is for keeping the heat in the pool when it gets cooler at night. They offer no safety protection whatsoever. They will also help to cut down on the amount of water that evaporates from the pool. It usually takes two people to take them on and off the pool unless they are attached to a reel system.

Plastic Winter Covers

These are extremely inexpensive covers whose only real use is to separate the good water in the pool from the bad water on top of it during the winter. They will help cut down on evaporation and also help keep leaves and other debris from getting into the pool over the winter. Since these are poorly anchored down the excess water on top of them has to be drained on a regular basis to keep these from being pulled completely into the swimming pool.

Mesh/Solid Safety Covers

These are one of the two main types of ASTM approved safety covers; they are considered an approved safety cover because they anchor securely to the pool decking and form a barrier on all sides from entry into the swimming pool water. Mesh covers do not have to be drained but some types of solid covers will have to be drained periodically. These covers will keep most dirt, debris and leaves out of the pool. Because of the fact they are time consuming to take on and off a swimming pool they are best for covering a pool and keeping it safe when it is not being used for long periods of time.

Automatic pool safety covers

These are by far the most versatile of all pool covers. They are ASTM certified safety covers that form an ‘isolation barrier’ on all sides of a swimming pool to prevent entry into the water. The fact they cover and uncover the pool with just a flick of a switch makes them ideal for year round use. They also have been shown to stop evaporation which saves pool water and they also help save on the chemical usage in the pool. They will keep blowing dirt, debris and foliage out of the pool on windy days.

For more information on swimming pool covers your local swimming pool supplier is also a great source for answering any questions about the different types of swimming pool covers that are available in the pool supply marketplace.

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