How to Build an In-Ground Pool: Time-Lapse Video

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The construction of an inground swimming pool is a fascinating process, as this unique time-lapse video demonstrates. Transforming your bland yard into a summertime oasis is a big undertaking, but will add years of enjoyment to your home and skyrocket its value.

Here’s what you need to know about the process of building an inground swimming pool on your property.

First, check your local regulations

Before you take steps to install a pool on your property, make sure you have researched any local laws that may apply, whether from your homeowners association or the city in which you live. If permits are required, make sure these are well-researched in advance. The last thing you want is the halting of construction due to failure to properly check out pool installation regulations in your area. Your contractor will work with you to ensure this paperwork is completed properly.

Select your pool type

There are two main types of pools common in residential properties. Fiberglass pools are quickly installed (within a few days) and are durable enough to withstand cold-weather winters due to the flexibility of the fiberglass material. Vinyl-lined pools are made of steel or polymer. They take a bit longer to construct because they are assembled from several different components, but they are less expensive than fiberglass.

Choose a pool design

Do you plan on using your pool for swimming laps, or do you prefer a more free-form style? Your pool contractor will go over the layout options with you. Planning is hugely important at this stage, to ensure that the right pool design is chosen to fit your lifestyle.

Determine the ideal site

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best location on your property to build your pool:

  • First consult any relevant zoning requirements that may be applicable
  • Try to choose a place away from overhead trees and plants, otherwise you’ll be spending a lot of time cleaning leaves out of the pool
  • Find a spot with level ground. Your pool contractor can advise you on locations that are suitable
  • Keeping the pool within viewing distance of your home is wise, both for safety reasons and because it’s a beautiful view out your window
  • In most cases, you’ll want to make sure the pool is in direct sunlight. Pools in shade take more energy to heat and are not as pleasing unless it’s excessively hot outside

Consider adding a poolhouse

Depending on how you plan to use your pool, a pool house where people can get ready to swim and maybe use the facilities can really add value to your investment. Options range from a simple room for changing to those with running water, toilet, and a refrigerator.

Excavation begins!

Breaking ground on your new pool is an exciting milestone, although your yard will look a bit unsightly during this time. Make sure to keep curious kids and pets away from the construction site.

Don’t stress about delays

Despite best-laid plans, delays happen, sometimes caused by weather, materials, or other factors. The best attitude is to just go with the flow. Don’t plan your first pool party too soon. Take the contractor’s estimate of when the job will be done and add a week or two so there’s no surprise or disappointment.

Excited about building your inground swimming pool? Get ready for a thrilling ride. In just a few weeks that big hole in the ground will be transformed into a water wonderland of fun and relaxation.

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