Can My Fiberglass Pool or Spa be Moved?

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Can My Fiberglass Pool or Spa be Moved?

If you’ve seen a fiberglass swimming pool being installed, you know that it is a strong, flexible, one-piece unit that gets placed into a hole prepared to accommodate it. For people who are relocating to a new home or who want to give their backyard a significant makeover, the question often arises, “Can my fiberglass pool be moved?” The answer is “Yes.”

Designed to Bend but not Break

Fiberglass is a type of plastic that is reinforced with glass strands. By its nature, it is a durable and lightweight material. Consequently, a fiberglass pool can be installed or removed relatively easily by a crane, with minimal risk of damage to the shell if the process is performed carefully. In fact, by some estimates, the shock-absorbing nature of fiberglass allows it to flex without cracking or breaking. While we don’t recommend testing this assertion, it’s nice to know you are working with a resilient material.

Of course, moving a swimming pool or spa is no simple task. There is excavation that must be done (both around the pool and at the new site), plumbing and electrical connections that must dealt with, etc. But, if planned and executed properly, a pool move can be a cost-effective alternative to buying and installing a new pool. And if your existing pool or spa has performed well for you, there is every reason to believe it will continue to do so in its new location. Just be sure to factor in all of the possible expenses before signing on the dotted line with the company that will perform the move.

Fiberglass Installation: Faster to the Finish Line

One of the great things about fiberglass pools is how quickly they can be installed (or reinstalled) once the hole has been dug and the unit is onsite. Other types of pools may take weeks (or longer) to be ready for use, but fiberglass pools are generally swim-ready in days.

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Here to Help

If you’ve got questions about moving a fiberglass pool or spa make sure to reach out to your local independent Latham Independent Builder. They’ll know best how to manage your project. And, happy swimming!

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