Pool Covers for Traditional, Irregular and Odd Shaped Pools

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When homeowners design their own pool, they often decide that they want to go with a less traditional shaped pool in favor of something a little more imaginative. Nearly everything about a swimming pool can be customized to reflect a family’s unique creativity. However, many pool owners have come to believe a myth that uniquely shaped pools cannot be covered with an automatic safety cover.

Automatic pool covers are an essential addition to any pool to add an invaluable level of safety and to increase the longevity of your pool. If you have an odd or irregular-shaped pool, we’re here to help you find the perfect autocover for your pool, no matter the shape or design.

Fiberglass Pool | Caribbean model with top track autocover


Automatic Pool Covers for Irregular Shaped Pools 

If you own or are contemplating an irregular shaped pool, fear not. Nearly every pool regardless of the shape or the size can be protected by an automatic pool cover. Whether you want to choose your automatic cover before you install your pool or after there are options to make sure that your pool is tastefully and professionally concealed and protected.

Think you can’t get an automatic pool cover if you don’t have a traditionally-shaped pool? Think again. From kidney-shaped to freeform pools, here are the best autocovers for irregular-shaped pools.

Best Automatic Kidney-Shaped Pool Covers

For a kidney-shaped pool, we recommend a pool cover with a recessed top track. This allows you to achieve a hidden cover system with blowing your budget. For the most seamless integration, a pool-in-pool system is the best, but this is the most expensive option.

Best Pool Covers for L-Shaped Pools

For a new or existing L-shaped pool, a double cover system is the way to go. You’ll want to have one mechanism at each end of the pool. If your pool is on the smaller side, you can use a top-track system.

Best Automatic Freefrom or Irregular Shaped Pool Covers

Again, the key to finding the right automatic pool cover isn’t necessarily about the model, but in finding the right track option. For a freeform pool, we recommend a recessed top track. Similar to an undertrack system, the drive mechanism is mounted below grade, but instead of mounting the track under the pool coping, the track is installed outside the pool or along the sides.

If you’re installing an automatic pool cover on an existing freeform pool, you should use a recessed top track. Another option is to use a pool in pool track system, however, this can be a little more pricey.

For existing pools, deck-mounted systems are the easiest option. You can put in a recessed track but installing a recessed mechanism requires some renovation.

Automatic Safety Cover on Fiberglass pool
Automatic Safety Cover on Fiberglass pool


Best Pool Covers for Rectangle-Shaped Pools

Rectangle- and oval-shaped pools are the more traditional designs, but it’s still important to find the best automatic pool cover to complement your pool’s shape. The decision isn’t just about the pool cover model, it’s really more about automatic pool cover track options.

For a rectangle-shaped pool, we recommend an automatic pool cover with an encapsulated under track. This simply means that the track is paired with a drive system and mounted below grade in a covered box. The encapsulated under track is held in a channel built into the pool wall, below the coping. This type of track system enables a clean look where the track is hidden from view.

The Many Benefits of an Autocover

The hardest part about including an autocover in your pool project is determining which track type fits your pool shape. And for many people, the idea of owning an auto cover is a novelty. Some pool owners see automatic covers as a sort of luxury, but when one considers the many benefits it becomes apparent that automatic covers should really be considered a necessity.

Increased Safety

By creating a barrier between the surface and the pool’s water, automatic safety covers impressively protect children and pets from slipping into deep waters.

Energy Savings

Deploying the swimming pool cover on your pool when not in use allows you to conserve energy. When left open, heat can escape the pool. Autocovers can save pool owners 50 to 85% on energy savings on their annual pool heating costs.

Decreased Environmental Impact

In addition to energy saving, pool covers reduce CO2 emissions from pool heating as much as 3-6 tons, reduce evaporation up to 95% and help eliminate the primary source of evaporative action.

Increased Free Time

An automatic pool cover keeps your pool free of debris. This decreases the need for general maintenance  giving you more time to spend floating versus cleaning.

Efficient Automatic Pool Covers for Every Type of Pool and Spa

The benefits of automatic pool covers are not limited to just in-ground pools. You can find an automatic pool cover for irregular and odd shaped pools and nearly any type of pool or spa. If it holds water for recreational use, it can (and should) be covered. This includes spas, cement pools, fiberglass pools, and vinyl liner pools. Contact a local independent dealer in your area to add an automatic cover to your pool.


Editor’s note: Original post date 8/2017. Updated for relevance.

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