Why Choose a Fiberglass Pool?

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Fiberglass pools have many advantages over alternatives. Unlike other pools, fiberglass pool installation can be accomplished quickly. Homeowners that purchase a Latham fiberglass pool will be luxuriating in their brand-new pool within two to three days after delivery, regardless of the size or shape of the pool itself.

Concrete pools crack and have a much rougher surface. In contrast, a fiberglass pool’s slick feel offers a more enjoyable swimming experience (no scratches on sensitive hands and feet) and helps minimize algae growth.

The smooth finish of a fiberglass pool provides a more comfortable, scratch-free swimming experience and will give you peace of mind that your kids can swim without the worry of scraping their bodies on a rough surface, which can happen with concrete pools. The fiberglass is also much easier to clean – think of the effort needed to scrub tile grout versus the smooth veneer of a bathtub.

Other pool alternatives can tear, whereas a fiberglass pool will maintain its flawless facade over time. Rest assured that at Latham Pools, we use only high-grade ceramic, resin, gel coat, fiberglass and Kevlar materials to ensure your fiberglass pool retains its pristine appeal indefinitely.

A fiberglass pool even has the upper hand when it comes to hygiene – you’ll need 30% less chlorine to keep your pool clean for swimming.

While a fiberglass swimming pool may be slightly more expensive than other pool types in terms of upfront cost, it is much easier to maintain and will last forever. You won’t have to factor in future upkeep expenses — like resurfacing — when estimating the total cost of your pool. Thanks to our top-quality craftsmanship and high-grade materials, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy your backyard’s elevated appeal without the tedious and expensive maintenance that often accompanies other pools.

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