How Much do Swimming Pools REALLY Cost?

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Imagine coming home from work and taking a dip in the swimming pool, or being able to invite your friends and their families over for a weekend pool party and cook-out.  The one thing standing in the way is the costs. But how much do pools cost really?

Initial installation costs of an in-ground pool

The price of your pool can vary widely, depending on the size, the type of pool you choose, and the extras you have built-in, such as a spa or a tanning ledge.

The initial outlay also includes the cost of a concrete surround or decking, steps and a cover. Keep in mind, also, that you’ll need some kind of fencing around your pool to keep neighborhood children from getting in.

Pool Maintenance costs 

Below are a few of the regular maintenance costs your can expect with your in-ground pool:

  • Professional opening and closing. To keep your pool well-maintained, you’ll want to have a professional pool service attend your pool at the beginning and end of the season.
  • Pool chemicals and accessories. To keep the water in your pool safe for swimmers, you’ll need to test the pH level twice a day and make any necessary corrections. This requires a test kit and chemicals.
  • Replaceables. You’ll also want to consider things like replacement bulbs for the underwater spot lights, periodic new skimmer baskets, and new nets, just to name a few things.
  • Energy for heating the pool. Heating your pool can extend the season and increase the enjoyment you get from it. However, if you decide to heat your pool, you’ll need to factor in the cost of extra natural gas or electricity.
  • Increase in your water bill. You’ll need to pay the city for water to bring the pool up to the correct level in the spring and to replace what evaporates throughout the season.

Other pool costs

Although the initial installation, the maintenance, and the bi-annual servicing of your pool will be the major expenses, there are likely other accessories you’ll want to add to your pool environment. These include pool toys, volleyball nets, floating chairs, beach balls, and more. These items can add on to your pool cost, though they make it that much more enjoyable.

Investing in a backyard pool doesn’t have to break the family budget. However, it’s wise to take into account all of the associated costs before making a final decision. Your local Latham pool builder will be the best source to help make your dream backyard a reality.

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