Got Inspiration? Planning Your Gorgeous New Fiberglass Pool Starts Here

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People who are thinking about installing a new fiberglass swimming pool often have one of two problems: either they don’t have any idea in mind for the look of their pool or they have too many ideas in mind for the look of their pool! One of the best ways to solve that dilemma is to view beautiful images of actual backyards and the luxurious look the owners have created with their pool.

Don’t have a bunch of those types of photos laying around? We can help! Visit our backyard concepts showcase to see more.

Picture Your Perfect Pool

It may be winter, but the summer heat will be back before you know it. Fortunately, you can enjoy it like you would a tropical vacation once your new fiberglass pool has been installed. So, enjoy a fruity beverage as you relax your mind and visualize your own private oasis through the our backyard concepts gallery. You’ll be inspired by what you see, including:

  • Eye-catching edges. Whether you’re a traditionalist and prefer a rectangular pool or are looking for something more free-form, there is an option to fit your tastes and your backyard space.
  • Beautiful colors. From Sapphire Blue to Pearl White G3, there are so many blues and other hues from which to pick the perfect color for your pool.
  • Dazzling decks. Your fiberglass pool may be the star of the show, but the deck that surrounds it plays an important supporting role. Tile, stone, textured concrete… there are an array of styles and colors to choose from.
  • Awesome add-ons. Cascades, bubblers, and other features can take a pool to the next level and make you and your guests feel like you’re at a five-star resort.
  • Dramatic lighting. Whether you are in the pool on a warm summer night or just admiring it as you enjoy a late dinner, the lighting you select can create an amazing ambiance.

Besides looking at photos for inspiration, check out these expert tips to walk you through the pool planning process.

Take Action This Winter & Experience Paradise This Summer

Get in touch with your local independent Latham dealer to make a plan for your installation. Whether you’re planning for a pool with a built-in spa, or a rectangle in a shimmering Crystite Crystal color, you’ll be perfectly positioned for a summer full of water fun and poolside relaxation.

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