Renovation Project: Automatic Safety Cover Replacements

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As strong and durable as swimming pool automatic safety covers are, they will need to be replaced eventually. And when that time comes, it’s critical that you get a new cover in place promptly to ensure you continue getting all the important safety, cost, and maintenance benefits.

How to Know Your Safety Cover Should Be Replaced

How will you know that your safety cover is in need of replacement? Look for these signs:

  • Wear and tear. Cracks, peeling, and obvious weak spots are indicators that it’s time for a new cover.
  • Stiff and brittle material. Your safety cover should be soft and pliable. When it loses those characteristics, you’ll know that it is no longer providing optimal protection.
  • Failing webbing and stitching. A safety cover is only as effective as the stitches that hold it together. While some problems with sewn areas can be repaired, if the issue is systemic, it may make sense to replace the cover.
  • Covers that have sewn webbing tend to gather around the rope. If you begin to see more bunching, it’s possible that the fabric is starting to catch on the guides and tear.

Yes, Our Covers Fit Pools From Other Manufacturers!

We are often asked if we can provide a cover for a type of pool that we don’t sell. The answer is a definite “Yes!” When a replacement cover is ordered through our online ordering page, one of the selections that you will make is the manufacturer of the pool (sometimes referred to as the “original equipment manufacturer” or OEM). 

We use this information to tell us how the front corners of the cover must be made. You will also indicate whether you want the leading edge bar to be exposed along the front edge of the cover or wrapped in fabric. There are standard ways that the OEMs do this, but it can be varied based on your preference.

While You’re Replacing the Cover, Why Not Upgrade?

When you’re replacing your automatic safety cover, it’s the perfect time to upgrade. Depending on what was provided with your cover initially, this can include:

Start by Knowing Your Options

As you prepare to replace your automatic safety cover, it’s important to understand your options. You shouldn’t have to replace the cover again for many years, so you want to choose wisely. The best way to do that is to get insights from one of our pool experts. Contact the Latham Independent Builder near you today to learn more.

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