6 Reasons Santa Loves His Pool & Spa

December 21st, 2021 by

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from the jolly old elf himself as told to a member of our team. 

As you know, my North Pole compound is shrouded in secrecy… and snow, of course. One of the things I can share about the homestead is that it features a gorgeous pool and enticing spa…
At the end of the busy holiday season and one LONG (pretty much endless) night delivering gifts around the world, there’s nothing I love more than retreating to my backyard oasis. Here are some of the many reasons why:

  1. Soaking the saddle sores
    OK, while I don’t technically ride around the world on a saddle, the bench on that sleigh can be a little hard on the ol’ backside. But that’s nothing a nice long soak in my spa can’t fix.
  2. Working off the bowl full of jelly
    Yes, when you live above the Arctic Circle it’s a good idea to have some… errrr… insulation. But me and the missus like to spend some of the off season in the warmer latitudes, and there’s no better way to slim down the big belly than lap swimming.
  3. Giving the tan a tune-up
    After getting some exercise, I like to put a lounge chair on my pool’s custom tanning ledge and soak up some rays. How can I tan at the North Pole? Santa magic.
  4. Elves know how to party
    As you can imagine, my team is working under some pretty tight deadlines as the holidays approach. When that glorious day has come and gone, the wee ones need to blow off some steam. And a pool is the perfect place to do that.
  5.  Bumping up our property value
    While Mrs. Claus and I don’t have any imminent plans to move, there are times when Phoenix looks pretty tempting! So warm and cozy. And it’s a dry heat. If we do relocate HQ someday, our pool and spa will help us get top dollar for the North Pole digs.
  6. Awesome entertaining
    My lovely wife and I do enjoy entertaining. Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Frosty, Cupid… We have all the A-listers over from time to time. And our pool and spa are the perfect backdrop for a classy get-together.

What Santa Really Wants for Christmas

So there you have it! You can keep your tablets and gaming systems and gift cards. All I want for Christmas is some quality time in my pool and spa. Happy holidays!

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