10 Things Everyone Needs Around the Pool

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Building a pool and filling it with water is a start, but to really amp up the fun you can focus on options and pool accessories. Here are the ten best pool additions:

  • To keep the party going late into the evening, LED lights have been a popular addition to pools. Changing colors, energy efficiency and needing to change bulbs less frequently make LED lighting a great option.
  • Tanning ledges give you a cool place to bask in the sun, in 10″ or less of water. Tanning ledges also make a great place for young children to splash safely.
  • If you’re hosting a holiday party, consider adding decorations that match a theme or have coordinating colors.
  • If you prefer the DIY option, then this thing is sure to be a win! For a night time party, put glow sticks in balloons and float them on the pool.  It gives the affect of fancy glowing orbs for a fraction of the cost.man-near-pool-sunglasses-chair.jpg
  • Cold beverages are never far away when you invest in a floating pool cooler.
  • Turn your backyard into the Bellagio with an underwater fountain light. Battery-operated so there are no wires to run, the ever-changing lights and fountain pattern adds fun to your evening pool parties.
  • Put your music on the water with a floating waterproof bluetooth speaker. Your smartphone stays dry on the deck while the floating speaker pumps out the jams.
  • Work on your short game poolside with a floating pool golf game. Chip from the included pad while the green floats on the surface of your pool.
  • Have lunch on the water with a floating island table.
  • Amp up the resort feel of your backyard pool with a swim-up bar and grill. Simply install a ledge in front of your grill’s area. Complete the swim-up bar with submerged bar stools mounted in the pool.

Accentuating the backyard pool experience for you, your family and friends is just part of the fun of building a pool. Locate a local independent Latham Independent Builder to get the party started in your backyard.

Originally posted 1/2016

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