Ways to Cozy Up Your Pool in Colder Weather

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During the summer, poolside is a natural place for everyone to congregate. Backyard barbecues, or even just gathering for cocktails, are fun even if no one goes for a dip. But this changes when it gets cold. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your pool area the focal point during the winter so that you can continue the backyard get-togethers all year round.


As fall sets in, thoughts turn naturally to bonfires and evenings spent around a warm fire. What better way to keep things poolside than with a fire pit? Today’s fire pits come in all shapes and sizes. Natural gas and propane are great for instant flames but require a delivery system for the fuel. Either you keep the fire pit close to the house for gas lines, or be prepared to dig up your backyard to accommodate piping. Or you can opt for wood-burning pits, best for roasting marshmallows. Gel fuel is another option that can be portable or incorporated into a backyard without a lot of fuss. No matter what type of fire pit you incorporate into your backyard, the combination of elements will delight all senses. 

Fiberglass | Barcelona in Crystite Classic Shale Gray
Fiberglass | Barcelona in Crystite Classic Shale Gray

Cover Up

Keeping it cozy doesn’t always have to mean gathering around a fire. Adorn your backyard seating with big blankets and let your guests get wrapped up for some relaxation near the pool. Keep it festive by matching the time of year to the feel. For instance, fall by the pool can be even more enjoyable with fall flowers like mums or hay bales brought in for extra seating. There’s always room for a couple pumpkins to become part of the landscape too. The pool-side porch swing with a big blanket can become the perfect intimate gathering spot for small groups.

Lighten Up

You can make the pool part of the backdrop, even if no one’s getting in. No, we’re not talking about just letting the falling leaves amass on your pool cover. If you’ve got LED lighting installed in your pool, coordinate it to the colors of the season. Hues of orange, red and yellow can dominate fall, while reds and greens can give a pool the feeling of Christmas.

Lights above the pool can also create a scene with the soft reflection off the water. You designed your backyard pool with spending time together in mind; it’s up to you to make it inviting year-round.

Make Your Pool Season Last

Keep things like off-season utilization in mind when you design your pool area. You’ll find the level of enjoyment and happiness with your investment can be fully realized when making your pool the center of family functions from spring events to holiday celebrations

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