Stylish Options for Concealing Your Pool’s Automatic Safety Cover

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When an automatic safety cover is deployed, it’s a thing of beauty. Not only is it easy on the eyes, it’s also protecting your family and saving you money on everything from your energy bills to your pool chemical costs. But, when the cover is open, you want it to be out of sight. That’s why we offer a number of stylish ways to conceal your cover.

Keeping Your Auto Safety Cover Under Cover

Here are some great options for not only keeping your cover out of sight when it’s open, but also protecting the cover fabric and mechanism.


  1. Classic Aluminum Lid. This attractive anodized aluminum lid is mounted to the top of the pool deck. The lid has a very low profile to minimize its visual impact and also to ensure it’s not a tripping hazard.
  2. Flat Lid. Our flat lid option can be used with a new or existing automatic safety cover system on rectangular or free form pools. The lid is crafted from heavy grade aluminum that has an ultra-long life architectural grade textured finish, ensuring it will provide many years of service. The surface is also gentle on feet.
  3. Flush Deck Lid. A flush deck cover lid option is designed to be installed when a pool is being built. It sits completely flush with the deck around the pool.Walk-on-Stone-Automatic-Pool-Cover-Lid.jpg
  4. Stone, Concrete or Other Lids. Lids can be made of stone, concrete, or other materials in order to blend in with the pool deck and be nearly invisible. We offer stainless steel brackets as well as an assortment of steel brackets to be used with these lids. We can also manufacture custom brackets to meet your unique needs. Aluminum trays can be used for tile or brick lids.

In addition to a lid, some pool owners will get creative in concealing their auto safety cover. For example, constructing a wooden bench at that end of the pool provides both added protection and additional seating around the pool. 

Pick a Lid You’ll Love

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a lid for your automatic safety cover, including what it will cost, how it will look, whether it is for a new or existing cover, etc. The best way to determine which lid system is right for you is to talk with an independent Latham Independent Builder about your specific needs and budget. They can provide product details and photos so you can make a well-informed decision.

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