Details That Matter: Customizing your Swimming Pool Steps

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A dip in your custom inground pool is a fun and refreshing activity no matter how you end up in the water. But there’s no denying that an elegant entryway can enhance the look of your pool and the enjoyment you and your guests get from it. And with so many options to choose from, the steps you select can be a great way to customize your pool and express your individuality.For example, straight steps with a 90 degree corner reflect a practical approach and an appreciation of simplicity. Opt for a radius (i.e. rounded) or reverse radius corner on those straight steps and you’re showing your desire to spice things up a bit.

Choose Roman steps and you are giving a nod to timeless, classic styling. And a wedding cake stairway is a fresh look that indicates a flare for the dramatic. Then, of course, there are a number of ledge and bench options that can be added to your pool, often adjacent to steps. They come in the same styles as steps, and are perfect for sun worshipers, toddlers, or anyone who prefers to enjoy a relaxing soak.

Vinyl Liners over Polymer or Steel

Customizable swimming pool steps with vinyl over polymer or steel

Whatever shapes you choose for your pool steps and other features, vinyl over steel and polymer over steel are fast becoming two of the construction methods of choice. While we offer a number of step engineering options, the comfort and aesthetic appeal of vinyl or polymer with the strength and durability of steel is a combination that is hard to beat.

Beneath the stylish vinyl or polymer exterior is 14-gauge copper bearing steel coated with a 2.35 ounce zinc galvanization to prevent corrosion and provide a structure that is very stable. And our innovative manufacturing processes produce steps that are easy to install and cost-effective.

Get Creative

As you plan to install a new custom in ground pool or renovate your existing pool, keep in mind the many options you have for vinyl over steel or polymer over steel pool steps and let your creativity run wild. The Latham pool planning tools can help you bring that beautiful vision to life.

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