Adding Tile to Fiberglass Pools

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When it comes to giving your pool a personal look, nothing works quite like adding tile to a fiberglass pool. From one-of-a-kind designs on the pool bottom to a decorative tile edge, mosaic tiles are an easy to add pizzazz. Beyond just giving your pool a unique look, mosaic tile can also help accent your pool, giving better definition to steps for a safer environment. No matter what look you’re going for, a pool professional can help you add tile to your fiberglass pool to customize your backyard swimming pool.

Can You Tile a Fiberglass Pool?

Custom tiling can really make a fiberglass pool standout from boring basic swimming pools. Consider giving your swimming pool an upgrade and include custom mosaic or perimeter tiling. When it comes to adding tile to a fiberglass pool, it’s best to add tile when you order your pool with your builder.

However, it is possible to add water line tile after your pool is installed. If you go this route, make sure to contact a professional. This process involves cutting and measuring to ensure the tiles fit your pool and it’s important to follow proper safety precautions. Tiling your fiberglass pool is not a DIY renovation project.

Best Tile for Fiberglass Pool

If you haven’t recently looked into custom tilework around your fiberglass swimming pool, you may be surprised to find that there are a number of options from which to choose.

Attaching Ceramic Tile to Fiberglass

Large or small, smooth or textured, basic blue or bright and dynamic, glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles are very versatile. Glass, ceramic and porcelain tiles are also extremely durable. They can be used in creative ways to add visual interest to a pool without adding too much to the budget.


If you’re looking for a natural, textured finish for your pool, ceramic tile is the way to go. Available in many different tones and colors, these tiles create an organic and traditional feel to your backyard design.


While it is one of the costlier types of tiles, glass is also one of the most beautiful, as its recent rise in popularity will attest. Glass tiles are often used in small quantities to produce dramatic visual effects. The combination of the reflective and translucent qualities of glass produces a depth and a seductive shimmer that other materials can’t match.


Traditional porcelain tiles evoke pools and bath houses of yesteryear, creating a classic cultured feel to your pool.

If you choose to go with a standard pattern, your local independent dealer will be able to help you make a decision. If you’re trying to find a style you like or are struggling to envision a design, you can browse what other homeowners have done for inspiration.

Select Your Design: Pool Tiles

Infuse your pool with dazzling splendor by adding custom tiles or mosaics to your fiberglass pool. Consider adding perimeter tile to add elegance along the waterline, or customize your design with some of the following ideas:

Unique patterns

Smooth and flowing or angular and energized, your tilework can be customized with a design that reflects your artistic preferences and your personality.

Pool and Step Accent Tile

Inlaid Step Tile

Enhance the entry into your pool with touches of tiles to mark the edges of your steps. This is a simple way to customize every corner of your pool.

Aquatic Realismlaguna-pacific-blue-fiberglass-mosaic-design.jpg

Many pool owners choose to have small areas or their entire pool adorned with realistic, 3D images of sea life and underwater topography.

Custom Themes

Mermaid mosaic tiles are very popular among pool owners. Other customer favorites include seahorses, under-the-sea themes or a grouping that creates a beach vibe in your backyard with a beachside tile aesthetic.

Adding Tile to Fiberglass Pools

Adding tile to a fiberglass pool is not a DIY project, but if you’re considering adding tile to your pool, you may want to learn more about the process.

Look and Placement

When you decide to add decorative mosaic tile to your pool, you’ll find you have a wide array to choose from. It’s possible to design your own custom look, translating it into a tile array that’s all your own. Mermaids, dolphins, rays, turtles or almost any sea creature you can think of are available.

Likewise, pool borders or waterline tile are available in a number of pre-designed patterns. Whatever you decide, you can use mosaic tile to give your pool a custom look and feel. Want to learn more about creating the pool of your dreams? We have resources to help you plan the perfect backyard pool.

How to Install Pool Mosaics

When done right, mosaic tile gives your pool an instant upgrade. Guests will think you spent an arm and a leg to have it done, when in truth the additional investment upfront can deliver a beautiful backyard masterpiece for years to come. Adding tile to a fiberglass pool does require a special approach, but it’s still easily accomplished when installed at the time of manufacturing.

For fiberglass pools, it is possible to add perimeter tile after a pool is installed. A pool professional will be able to best advise you on the feasibility of this project.

Make it Your Own by Adding Tile to Your Fiberglass Pool

Contact an independent Latham Independent Builder in your area today for more information about all our customization options that allow you to create the pool you’ve always dreamed of.

Editor’s note: Originally posted 3/2016. Updated for relevance. 

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