Rectangle Shaped Swimming Pools

Rectangular pools are a classic, geometric pool shape. with its clean lines, a linear pool is a timeless choice. A rectangle-shaped fiberglass inground pool can be simple and straightforward or embellished with accessories, and is the optimal shape for an inground lap pool.

  • Design Benefits: Rectangle Swimming Pools maximizes swim space, especially in smaller backyards
  • Common Features: Enhance your rectangle swimming pool swim-up seating, slip resistant steps, wading area
  • Considerations: Rectangle-shaped inground pools are the easiest shape to install an automatic cover
Rectangle Shaped Swimming Pool

Rectangle Shaped Options

Explore Latham’s variety of Rectangle fiberglass and vinyl liner options below.

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Size: 16′ x 38′

Depth: 3′ 6″ to 7′ *

Gallons Approx: 18,500

Shape: Rectangular

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Size: 14′ x 30′

Depth: 3′ 6″ to 6″ *

Gallons Approx: 8,200

Shape: Rectangular

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Size: 12′ x 26′

Depth: 3′ 6″ to 5′ 6″ *

Gallons Approx: 7,600

Shape: Rectangular


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Sizes & Specs: 14×28, 16×32, 16×36, 18×36, 20×40

Some say the rectangle is the perfect shape for designing any backyard masterpiece. Always autocover friendly and ready for any step, bench or tanning ledge configuration of your dreams.

*Available in 6″ and 2′ radius corners

Rectangle Shaped Pool Ideas Showcase Gallery

Below are examples of rectangle shape pool ideas and designs that homeowners from across the country have provided for your inspiration.


Want More Help Choosing the Perfect Shape?

Download your free guide to pool shapes to learn more about the different types of pools available, and things to consider when choosing your ideal pool shape.

Helpful Resources

Visualize Your Pool with Our Powerful Tools

Latham’s enhanced visualization tools help you bring your dream backyard to life!

The Latham Liner Visualizer makes it easy for you to pick the perfect pool shape, size and liner pattern. The newest version even gives you:

  • Night shots of patterns to showcase the liners lit up at night
  • A navigation bar that builds and tracks the pool with an illustrated output PDF that you can take to a dealer
  • Visuals of safety covers in four colors (coming soon)
  • Highlights of specific important product features

The Pool Visualizer App, available for iOS, lets you use augmented reality with your phone’s camera to virtually build a fiberglass pool on any surface, including your own property. It features our most popular models and colors, and now gives you even more, such as:

  • Seven more pool shapes—rectangle, kidney and freeform shapes, as well as enhanced details and specs—for a total of 15 pools
  • Adds patent-pending G2 and G3 Crystite colors for a total of 12 color options
  • Allows you to use the app anywhere you happen to be (even indoors) thanks to a mini AR tool that can “build” the pool on any surface

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