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Choosing a pool builder is no less important than choosing a reputable builder of your custom home. Your new Latham Pool, and all that surrounds it, will be an extension of you and your family. Choose wisely when selecting your pool builder. Make sure the builder has a store-front and office where you can contact the company during normal business hours if there are problems during or after your project. Be sure to ask that the builder not only show you photos of his/her completed work, but also if you can go and visit the sites of the pools they have already built. Being able to visit the backyard living space of another resident in your area provides two pillars of confidence to you as a potential customer. First, seeing is believing when it comes to a Latham Pool properly installed. Do not get confused with the antics of Photoshop and other editing programs. Ask to SEE the pool. Second, and most importantly, visiting completed projects allows the potential client to see what type of interaction the builder still has with the family who owns the pool. Does the family interact well with the builder while on-site? Aqua Pro believes in forging lasting relationships with families…is your potential pool builder doing the same? Is the homeowner of the Latham Pool you are viewing Raving Fans of their and YOUR potential pool builder?

Credentials are KING. Ask the Builder to show you what he has done not tell you what he can do. Ask for at least three references and call them. If he is a good Builder he should have a minimum of these 4 things.

  1. A professional place of work. An Office which displays his work.
  2. A valid state contractor’s license and local business license.
  3. A valid APSP card. This is his credentials as a pool and spa professional.
  4. A good standing with the BBB. Make sure you check this.

When picking a pool ask yourself what you will generally use the pool for once it’s completed. Will you be entertaining much? Do you or someone in your family enjoy swimming laps? How many children do you have? One thing to consider is the lifetime warranty of a Viking Pool. Even if you have small children, the pool will still be there once your children have grown. Just how large of a pool do you as empty nesters want to care for?

A good Pool Builder will explain in detail why you should buy a particular type and size of pool after reviewing your family size and yard size and surroundings. There are also lifestyle influences and budgets to consider. The professional has seen all of these circumstances before and will know how to deal with them.

To find a pool that will fit your needs, you should first check your property survey and mark your set backs on it to determine your allowed pool area. If you are not sure, a good builder will do this for you. Now look for a pool location with the sun exposure you most desire. If you are a serious lap swimmer you may prefer a nice traditional rectangular pool. If your interest is in aesthetics and multiple seating areas you may prefer one of our many free form pools. Refer to our web site “floridaconceptspool.com” click on gallery and get many great ideas.

Selecting the right pool is the single most important decision you will make when buying a pool. Keep in mind that the pool you choose will outlast the brick on the house and once it is installed it is very expensive to make a change. The following are some key ideas to choosing a pool:

What will my lot accommodate?
Some of the factors include: easements, setback requirements the city and homeowners association may enforce, trees and existing landscaping, slope of the property, surface drainage, underground and overhead utilities (such as gas, electric, sewer, water, telephone and cable television. The size and shape of the pool will be directly affected by these factors.

How many swimmers will I have on average?
It is wise to choose a pool that is right for your needs. A pool that is too small may be frustrating but a pool that is too large is more to pay for and maintain than you may need.

What can I afford?
If you are one of the 10 percent of the buyers that can afford to pay for the pool out of pocket stop reading this and call me now. What are you waiting for? For everyone else- like me, there are several good financing options available. The most popular option is an un-secured line of credit that does not rely on the equity of the home. These payments are spread out over 15 years and can be paid off early without a penalty. There are also programs that offer 6 months, 12 months and 18 months same as cash but are much harder to qualify for and cost the pool dealer out of pocket to get.

What is the primary use of the pool?
The main categories are: exercise, diving, games, lap swimming and general use. These things will impact the size and shape of the pool you pick.

One of the obvious considerations will be space requirements and set backs to accommodate the city.You’ll also want to consider who will be using the pool and for what purpose

  • If the pool is just for splashing and cooling off, you may want a smaller, ascetically pleasing, free form style pool like a Kidney.
  • But, if the pool will be used for exercise and swimming laps, you may decide on a narrower, longer configuration like the Santa Cruz or a rectangular pool which provides more actual swimming space than a free form shape.
  • And if playing games like volleyball and basketball is what you’re all about, you might want a shallower depth like the Delray, Montego or Acapulco pool would be fun.
  • An extra large stair is also fabulous for either younger or older ones who like to sit with their feet in the water and feel like they are part of the pool party too.

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When picking a pool ask yourself what you will generally use the pool for once it's completed. Will you be entertaining much? Do you or someone in your family enjoy swimming

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