How to Build a Pool on a Budget:

If you are trying to figure out the budget you will need for a your backyard project, check out our Plan Your Pool section. We’ve compiled pricing guides for every product line as well as provide a detailed dissection around various pool types in our Versus Page.


Fiberglass Pool Price Guide

This fiberglass pool pricing guide will help you map out a budget, explore financing options and make your dream pool a reality.

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Vinyl Pool Price Guide

In this guide, we’ll help you understand all the options and considerations that go into planning so you can turn your vinyl liner pool dreams into reality.

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Automatic Safety Cover Price Guide

The price range for a Coverstar autocover can vary based on your overall pool design, but the benefits will give you back more time to enjoy your backyard oasis with friends and family.

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Fiberglass vs. Concrete vs. Vinyl Liner Pools

Whether it’s fiberglass, vinyl liner or concrete, each type of pool offers its own pros and cons.

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Contact an Independent Pool Builder Near You

Get connected with local independent builders in the Latham network to start your pool project today.

Swimming Pool Liner Patterns & Designs

Get creative and express yourself by choosing between our industry-leading offering of breathtaking above ground and inground swimming pool liner patterns, colors, and styles.

Vinyl Liner | Panama / Royal Prism Liner

Find Out More About Swimming Pool Liners

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Rectangle vinyl liner pool with new blue vinyl liner

Learn More About Replacing a Liner

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Vinyl Liner | Mountain Lake II

Explore Our Inground Liners

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File A Claim on Vinyl Liners

Explore our Above Ground Liners

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If you need help with your pool project:

Let us know how we can help! Tell us more about your pool project and we’ll send you curated resources from our extensive library for every step of the planning process.

  • Expert advice on all of our pool products
  • Tools and resources to design and plan with confidence
  • Guidance along every step from inspiration through installation
Vinyl Liner Pool Gothic in Black Granite | Photo courtesy of Blu Sol Pools, New Jersey