A Buyer's Journey

The pool building experience should be fun and exciting.
In this section of our website, we will walk you through the buying journey, from visualizing your ideal pool design to deciding on the right types of materials and accessories.

Getting Started

What to consider

Like any remodeling project or home investment, research is key. You need to be well informed to define your style and understand your budget and limitations. We understand the important decisions you’ll be making — and the impact they’ll have on your backyard lifestyle — so please check out some of our recommendations.


Pool Types & Considerations

There are a number of different inground pool types to consider for your backyard. Let us walk you through the pros and cons of each type.

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Factors to Consider

There's a lot to think about when deciding whether a swimming pool is right for your family. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Why Buy a Pool

There are so many reasons why purchasing your own swimming pool makes perfect sense. For example, having a vacation every day, knowing where your kids are and staying healthy just to name a few.

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Great Pool Designs for Small Backyards

The limited size of your backyard should not keep you from considering a pool. There are a number of designs that cater to a smaller backyard where you won't have to compromise on style or features.

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Did You Know

Did you know that a tanning ledge can provide an ideal experience for elderly family members, making it much easier for them to get into or out of a pool? Did you know that pool placement can depend on how close you can be to a septic system, or how much grading will be required? Did you know that you may be responsible for removing dirt and debris?

We answer questions like these and more in this section.

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Hidden Costs of Building A New Swimming Pool

If you’ve ever considered building a pool, you’ve likely budgeted for such specifics as pool type, filtration system, and features. Few people, however, begin the process understanding the full scope of the financial obligations involved.

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What are the Variables Involved in a Pool Quote?

You’ve decide to indulge your passion for swimming and install a pool in your backyard. Good choice! The next step is to have a pool installation company give you a quote. What are the things that will influence that estimate? Read on!

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More Helpful Content

Completing Your Backyard

The pool is the centerpiece of your dream backyard but it is not the only thing to consider. As with any other room in your house, there are myriad of other fun choices — furniture, lighting, decking, of course grilling and kitchen options. We understand how the right decisions can make the difference between a cool backyard and an ideal oasis.

Here, we have compiled overviews and recommendations to consider.


Poolside Furniture Ideas

Creating your backyard oasis is not just about the pool. You need to think about how to make the entire area comfortable and welcoming for guests. We have some furniture suggestions to guide you in the selection process.

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Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas for Grilling

Once your dream backyard is in place there are a number of opportunities to host a killer pool party. Here are a couple of great ideas to make your party and more importantly your backyard memorable.

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Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas for Your Backyard renovation

A pool is obviously the place to be when the sun is out and the temperatures are hot. By employing unique lighting concepts around your pool in the evening, however, you can turn your pool into a nighttime oasis as well. Pool lighting can create a dramatic mood around your outdoor living space, and is one of the things to take in to consideration when building a pool.

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Top 10 Most Unique Pool Decking Options

You’ve got your custom in-ground pool in your mind’s eye, and it’s gorgeous. It’s a work of art that could easily stand alone as a fabulous focal point for your backyard. But as long as you’re going to invest in a luxury swimming pool, why not go all the way and enhance the beauty of the surrounding area with an amazing deck?

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Helpful Tools

The Latham Pool AR Visualizer App

Bring your dream backyard to life! You can see a Latham pool right in your own backyard with the Latham Pool Visualizer App, which features our most popular fiberglass pool models in a n assortment of colors.

The app is available on Apple iOS — jump right in and enjoy!

Helpful Tools

The Latham Liner Visualizer

The Latham Liner Visualizer makes the liner selection process easier by making it possible for you to see a variety of patterns applied to a pool similar to your own. You can select three different styles of homes, choose from three popular swimming pool designs and apply the pattern of your choice to visualize the look and feel of your pool.

Get creative and get started!

Backyard Showcase Gallery

Below are examples of backyard designs that homeowners from across the country have provided for your inspiration.