Common Swimming Pool Questions and Answers

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 4 Common Questions about Buying a Pool

When it comes to family fun or solo relaxation, nothing beats a backyard swimming pool. But as you consider installing a pool, it’s likely you will have a number of questions, especially if you are a first-time owner. Below are the questions we are asked most often, along with some straightforward answers.

How much do swimming pools cost?

It goes without saying that the cost of a pool can vary widely depending on a number of factors. These include the dimensions, the type of construction (fiberglass, vinyl liner, gunite), and whether there will be any special features like a tanning ledge. That said, we recommend speaking with your local builder to get a true estimate. There is no commitment or charge for a consultation so what do you have to lose?

Of course, there are additional costs to consider such as operating and maintenance costs.. Get all the details here.

How do I find a reputable pool builder?

The short answer here is “research,” lots and lots of research. Installing or renovating an inground pool is a major decision. You need to be sure you are working with a contractor you trust. So we advise starting by creating a long list of candidates based on web research, cross-checking that against references from family and friends, and then making lots of calls and setting lots of appointments.

It’s an arduous process, but well worth the effort. Click here for a complete list of dealers near you.

How do your warranties for inground pools work?

We’re comfortable with providing an outstanding warranty because all of our products are constructed from the best raw materials, and our craftsmanship and attention to detail are unrivaled. We also provide an easy way for customers to register their product online. Get the details here.

How can I get swimming pool financing?

Having the right financing makes the decision to buy an inground pool much easier. LightStream is an online consumer lender that can provide an innovative loan product called the AnythingLoan to borrowers with good to excellent credit. Latham also has a partnership with another financing company called Lyon Financial to give you more options.

Both of these companies can finance a wide range of pool products. Learn more here.

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The More You Know

Buying a pool shouldn’t be a confusing or intimidating process. We’re here to make it easy. Contact Us if you have questions.


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