We’ve brought measuring into the digital age.

Latham’s mission is to develop an intuitive, proprietary measuring solution to simplify the measuring process, while providing accurate customer and ordering information back to Latham to quote and manufacture Safety Covers and Inground Liners.

“This is going to change how we do business.”

–Justin Harper, Quality Pool Construction

Two tools. One system.

Measure provides an end-to-end solution, leveraging the latest in Lidar and AR technology to accurately capture measurements in minutes–not hours.

From Pool Side to Production

Our end-to-end, web-based system is combined with a completely rebuilt quoting and ordering platform. Using advanced AI technology, Measure provides virtually instant access to quotes and drawings.

“I can’t believe we’re finished already.”

–Kate Bombara, Vernon Poolman

Meet M1.

HD Camera – Used to track M1 to the exact point you wish to measure. At every point plotted by Measure, M1 automatically takes a photo. So no more additional questions needed. Once loaded to the portal, you will have instant access to all the images and so will Latham’s design team.​

​Powered by AI – yes that’s right, artificial intelligence. M1 performs an automated scan using the points plotted by the technician. With every pool measured, the Measure platform will get smarter and allow for even easier measuring in the future with simple firmware updates. ​

Lidar Technology – Leverage a custom FCC/FDA approved high-powered green laser to capture precise measurements in all outside conditions, including the ability to measure through water​.

​Weatherproofed, heavy duty aluminum – Measure’s M1 device is contained in water-resistant housing.

Included with the LM-001:

  • M1 Scanner
  • 64GB iPad Air® with protective case
  • 65W 20000mAh battery
  • Charging cables
  • Transit extendable tripod
  • AR Tag/Stick assembly
  • Protective case with carrying bag

Measure makes it easy.

Imagine never having to AB a pool for a new liner or safety cover–ever again. No knee pads required.

No more taping, labeling or measuring using 100’ tapes. Callbacks will be a thing of the past. Using Measure’s intuitive measuring app, you can connect to M1 (super cool green laser) in seconds using a built-in local WiFI. That’s right, cell service or homeowner WiFI is not required.

World class user interface

M1 is driven by an intuitive app located on the iPad Air® provided. Simply start a new project and connect the scanner.

Scan Pool Setup Screen

Quickly measure pools of any shape

Using patent-pending technology, simply lock M1 to auto-track you as you mark the perimeter with a touch of a button. Easily switch between a live camera feed or a live point cloud view to stay in full control.

AR Tag Positioned at Coping

Measure pool features with ease

Pick a feature, any feature, well almost. Select from the list of our most common feature types. Capture measurements in seconds-even capture images automatically as you plot.

Perimeter Point Capture Screen

Callbacks will be a thing of the past

No more taping, labeling or measuring using 100’ tapes.

Add Feature Screen

Our ordering promise

Measure’s powerful quoting and ordering platform allows the builder total control of their liner and cover projects, all in one place. Once a Measure project is complete in the field, simply upload to the new portal and have instant access to your drawings. No “request for drawing” is needed.

Dealers will have virtually instant access to quotes–so ordering a liner or cover will be complete in hours–not days.

Measure works for all dealers and those who purchase indirect through distribution.

“It’s an absolute game changer.”

–Kyle Thomas, Aqua Blue Pools

Revolutionizing the industry

Across history we measure progress by the tools we create to better our lives and our work.

From ancient construction tools, to the Apollo rockets that sent humans to the moon, and the iPhone® which revolutionized how we communicate, Latham is now changing how pool builders measure to get the job done quickly and accurately.

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