Fiberglass Pool: An Investment That Will Deliver Returns for Decades

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If you’re like most people who are considering buying a fiberglass swimming pool, you look at the purchase from both a short-term and a long-term perspective. You know that a fiberglass pool can be installed, filled, and ready to use quickly. So the short-term payoff is clear: hours and hours of fun with family and friends. But will your investment continue to provide positive returns down the road? In a word, absolutely!

Looking Like New 10 Years In

There are many appealing attributes of fiberglass pools, but one of the most compelling is their incredible durability. It’s not unusual to visit someone’s home, comment on how great their pool looks, and have them reply that it was installed more than a decade ago.

Take this pool for example:
kidney shaped fiberglass pool

It was installed over 10 years ago, but if you didn’t know that, you’d think the crew just finished putting it into the ground!  

Here’s another example, also over 10 years old:
freeform fiberglass pool 10+ years old

Bright, blue, and beautiful! Here again, any owner would be thrilled to have their fiberglass pool looking this good on day one.

That said, there are factors that will impact how well a pool holds up over the years, including: 

  • How the pool is manufactured. As you would expect, quality matters. The type of materials used and how the pool is constructed will have an impact on its durability.
  • How the pool is installed. You want to work with a company that has extensive experience installing inground fiberglass pools. The strategies they have picked up over the years can help them deliver the optimal install, which will maximize the life of your pool.
  • How the pool is maintained. While fiberglass pools are very low maintenance, you still have to keep them clean, maintain proper water chemistry, winterize and open them correctly, etc. But if you do, your pool will seem to be almost timeless!

Properties of a Fiberglass Pool

Hearing that fiberglass pools are “extremely durable” is encouraging as you look to make a purchase. And that’s more than just talk. Here are some details to back up that claim:

  • Fiberglass is considerably stronger than concrete and will not require re-plastering or acid washes over time.
  • Fiberglass has a smooth, non-porous surface that is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fiberglass is an insulator that, coupled with an autocover, can help owners save big on heating costs and maintenance.
  • Fiberglass allows for flexibility, enabling it to withstand ground movement that would destroy other types of pools.
  • Fiberglass naturally inhibits algae growth, resulting in significant savings on chemicals.

Let’s Talk Fiberglass

If you have questions about the durability and longevity of fiberglass pools, contact the independent Latham Independent Builder near you today. They will have some amazing stories to tell you about “veteran” fiberglass pools. They can also provide you the details on having one of these ageless wonders installed in your yard!

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