fiberglass pool with tanning ledge and firepit in southern backyard

fiberglass pool with tanning ledge and firepit in southern backyard

Vinyl Liner & Fiberglass Pools for Mississippi Backyards

March 13th, 2024 by

With its hot summers and year-round mild weather, Mississippi is rampant with natural beauty, from its Holly Springs National Forest and pine woods to its coastal beaches. For Magnolia State residents looking to beat the heat, an inground swimming pool can be a welcome addition to your backyard.

Whether you live in one of the many rural or suburban areas of Mississippi, or in bustling cities like Hattiesburg, Gulfport, the tourist town of Tupelo or Mississippi’s capital, Jackson, there’s a pool to fit every backyard.

But your pool itself is just one part of a much larger picture. You’ll also want to consider features like decking and landscaping that offset your pool and add to your enjoyment. Maybe you want your pool to be an extension of your home’s hospitality and the place where you host countless backyard BBQs. Or maybe you want your pool to be a relaxing oasis, lounging about on a wide tanning ledge and soaking up some sun as a cool breeze ripples the waters of your beautiful inground pool. Or maybe you want a shady spot in your backyard, like a covered pergola or a hammock between two leafy trees sheltering you from the hot Mississippi sun. 

If you live in Mississippi and are thinking about taking the plunge into pool ownership, we’ll walk you through the finer points of choosing either a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool, offer up maintenance tips, and discuss state and local pool regulations throughout MS. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Fiberglass Pools for MS

Fiberglass pools have a well-deserved reputation for being strong, durable and low-maintenance. They’re also a feast for the senses, with a dazzling Crystite finish that’s smooth to the touch and a treat for the feet when wading in. Another thing to love about fiberglass pools is that they can be installed relatively quickly – a blessing for new pool owners eager to cool off under the Mississippi heat! Because fiberglass pool shells are manufactured off-site and transported to an excavated area in your backyard, it can potentially speed up the installation process, allowing you to start enjoying your pool sooner. 

Learn more about the benefits of owning a fiberglass pool.

Superior Protection Against Mold & Algae

Due to their smooth surface, fiberglass pools are less susceptible to mold and algae growth. Mississippi’s hot, humid weather can create optimum conditions for algae bloom. Fiberglass is more resistant to algae overgrowth, which can disrupt the balance of your water chemistry. In addition to saving you on everyday maintenance, a fiberglass pool can give you greater long-term enjoyment by keeping algae at-bay, giving you more time to enjoy your pool instead of taking care of it. 

Inground Fiberglass Pool Designs for Mississippi

Do you covet the crisp, clean lines of a rectangular fiberglass pool? Or does a freeform pool with its winding curves, reminiscent of a sliver of the Mighty Mississip, beckon to you and your backyard? Fiberglass pools offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from. However, your pool’s shape and size are a single facet of the crown jewel of your backyard. It’s important that your pool and its features are able to enhance your life the way you hope it will. 

When planning your pool, think about how – and who – will use it: 

  • Do you have young children or teens? 
  • Will they bring friends over to use the pool? 
  • Will seniors or mobility compromised individuals use the pool? What features do they need to enjoy the pool safely? 
  • Do you want your pool to be the go-to gathering spot in your backyard? Or do you want it to work alongside other features you’ll love, like a garden, gazebo, or outdoor grilling station? 
  • Do you enjoy entertaining? If so, how many people do you typically have at your backyard get-togethers? 
  • Do you plan to use your pool for exercise, relaxation or both?

Asking yourself these questions can help you find a pool that works best for your needs. 

Adding an autocover to your pool package can also help you save on maintenance and energy costs. More importantly, it can also serve as a safety barrier to help prevent accidents when your pool is unsupervised. 

When designing your pool, keep an open mind. While you might initially be drawn to a specific style of pool, an independent pool builder may recognize that it might not work for your yard or needs. Be open to suggestions! The main goal is to give you a pool that you and your loved ones will enjoy for decades to come! 

Latham can help you build the pool of your dreams. Check out some beautiful examples below of pools we’ve helped create throughout Mississippi. Don’t see your ideal pool here? That doesn’t mean it’s not possible! Contact a local independent builder to view additional photos and videos of pools in their portfolio that might not yet be available online. 

fiberglass pool with tanning ledge and firepit in southern backyard
Freeform Fiberglass Pool | Photo courtesy of Brooks Malone, TN

Smaller Pool Considerations in Mississippi

Although much of Mississippi is flat plains with marshlands and prairies, “The Magnolia State” often sees tropical storms and hurricanes – especially in areas close to the Gulf Coast. Coastal areas, including Biloxi, Gulfport, Ocean Springs, Gautier and Long Beach are among some of the areas close to the Gulf of Mexico and often in the path of hurricanes. For residents in these areas, a smaller pool may be a more attractive option for residents, helping to minimize upkeep and cleanup after a storm while still enjoying all of the benefits of a pool. 

Cocktail pools and plunge pools like the Milan are more compact options to consider. The Milan, in particular, is a 10’ x 16’ rectangular pool that’s long enough to swim laps, as well as idly float the length of the pool. It’s also plenty big enough to entertain guests, should the urge to fire up the grill strike! 

Mississippians in bustling urban parts of the state may deal with smaller backyards due to population density. There’s no reason why folks in places like Jackson, Hattiesburg and Southaven shouldn’t be able to get in on the backyard pool party! Smaller pools like the 10’ x 20’ Jamaica can be an ideal fit for backyards with limited space. This kidney-shaped pool has swim-up seating and slip-resistant steps, making it a winner that can accommodate people of all ages! For a more classic take in a compact package, the Enchantment 9.17 is another feature-rich smaller pool, with a built-in tanning ledge that can double as a wading area for small children. 

compact fiberglass pool with spa and custom water features in small suburban backyard
Freeform Fiberglass Pool | Photo courtesy of Mid-South Perfect Pools, TN

Larger Pool Considerations in Mississippi

If you live in one of Mississippi’s suburban or rural areas, like Vicksburg, Corinth, Meridian and Southaven, you may be graced with a big, beautiful backyard. If you dream of entertaining loved ones gathered around the pool, or want to transform your space into a lush backyard oasis, a larger pool can offer you endless potential as the center of the action. 

Freeform pools like the Axiom 16 offer striking good looks alongside a host of features. Built-in beverage benches and a wide tanning ledge make this pool a dream come true for Mississippians who want a model that checks all the boxes for entertaining, exercise, and relaxation. 

The Cancun Deluxe is another ultra-spacious model, equipped with swim-up seating and a wide top step that can pull double duty as either a tanning ledge or wading area for the kids. But what makes this pool so deluxe is its built-in spillover spa that can help you get even more enjoyment out of your pool. Whether that means soaking sore muscles after a tough workout or relaxing in warm water under the stars on crisp autumn nights, anything is possible with the Cancun Deluxe as a part of your backyard! 

MIssissippi’s status as the state with the absolute lowest cost of living in the US makes it the prospect of owning your own pool even more of an attractive option. Meridian, MS, Greenville and Tupelo lead the pack as some of the most affordable places to live, although the cost of living throughout the entire state is 15.6% lower than the national average. Lower energy, water and utility bills also make pool ownership an attainable goal. Not only does this offer more room in your budget for a pool, but the cost of operating your pool is likely to be lower throughout its lifetime.

big fiberglass pool in large southern backyard
Fiberglass Cancun Deluxe | Photo courtesy of Brooks Malone, Tennessee

Inground Vinyl Liner Pools in Mississippi

A vinyl liner pool is another great option for Mississippi residents hoping to add a pool to their backyard. On top of being an affordable and cost-efficient option, vinyl liner pools offer durability and ease of maintenance among their many benefits. Perhaps best of all, vinyl liner pools are highly customizable, allowing you to have a hand in every aspect of your pool’s creation with features that deliver on their promise to fit into both your backyard and lifestyle. 

Vinyl Liner Pool Designs for Mississippi

Vinyl liner pools come in many of the same shapes as their fiberglass models, but these are just a springboard for your imagination as you can work with a builder to customize every aspect of your pool. From simple elements like choosing liner colors and patterns to adding more extravagant features like LED pool lights and water fountains, vinyl liner pools offer unlimited possibilities for customization. 

Even better, vinyl liner pools are cost-effective and can be a great choice to replace an older concrete or gunite pool that’s become a drain to maintain. Given Mississippi’s scorching summers and that portions of the state sit on humid swamps and marshlands, it can create an ideal breeding ground for algae growth. Older concrete pools have a porous surface that’s more prone to algae development. Not only can this leave unsightly stains, but stubborn algae clinging to your pool can negatively impact your water chemistry.  Plus, the rough surface of an older concrete pool isn’t very pleasant underfoot when wading in. If saving time on maintenance and money are a priority for you, it may be time to renovate an older pool and replace it with a vinyl liner pool instead. 

While the cost savings of a vinyl liner pool can make the extra effort to maintain them well worth it, Magnolia Staters will need to adhere to a strict weekly regimen of skimming and balancing their pool’s water chemistry to keep algae at-bay. That said, this isn’t dramatically different from the upkeep required of those with fiberglass pools, requiring just a few extra steps to ensure your pool stays beautiful and in good working order. 

To whet your appetite for a vinyl liner pool and show you just how versatile this type of pool can be, check out some of the images below showcasing custom creations Latham has helped dream up across Mississippi. Don’t see your dream pool here? Not to worry! Your local independent builder can show you even more photos and videos of gorgeous vinyl liner pools not available online just yet! 

large vinyl liner pool in southern backyard on a hill
Vinyl Liner Pool | Photo courtesy of Brooks Malone, TN

Benefits of Vinyl Liner Pools for Mississippi Homes

Longevity, ease of maintenance, customizability and affordability are just a few of the benefits of a vinyl liner pool. These pools can be shaped – or reshaped years later – to fit the contours of your backyard or to accommodate life changes that may call for a larger or smaller pool, or adding and removing features. 

Flexible Designs for Any Lifestyle

Vinyl liner pools are an outstanding option for homeowners who may want their pool to change with them and their family, through every season of life. Vinyl liner pools allow you to add or subtract features that better meet your needs. 

For instance, a vinyl liner pool can be made larger to accommodate growing families who want their backyard to be the go-to spot for their children and friends. Adding custom features like slides, bubble jets and colorful LED pool lights can make your pool the envy of the neighborhood and a delight for kids of all ages to enjoy. It can also be a great place to entertain friends and family, with features like swim-up seating and tanning ledges. 

As the years roll on, you may want to make your vinyl liner pool smaller once the kids have grown and you’re settling into your golden years. Consider replacing water slides with multiple entry and exit points for easier access in and out of the pool. Having less pool to maintain may give you more enjoyment out of it, making it a relaxing place to enjoy the great outdoors. 

When planning pool upgrades and makeovers, be sure to time them to coincide with replacing your vinyl liner. This can save on costs and headaches involved in excavating your backyard for any invasive upgrades that might require you to remove and replace your liner anyway.

Another area where vinyl liner pools shine is that they can work for Mississippi residents who may have less-than-level backyards or whose property sits on a slope. A vinyl liner pool can be the perfect antidote to rolling hills or rocky soil that can create barriers to installing a pool. An experienced, trustworthy pool builder will know how to grade your land or create a retaining wall to make your yard more hospitable to a new pool. This custom approach can give you a pool that works with the unique features of your yard and has the perfect features to help you enjoy it for years to come! 

How often should you replace or update your vinyl liner in Mississippi?

A well-maintained vinyl liner can last for up to 10 years, although you can always swap it out for a new color or pattern as a quick and relatively inexpensive way to refresh your design. In order to get the most out of your liner under Mississippi’s hot, humid conditions, it’s important to keep up with weekly skimming and cleaning duties to prevent algae bloom. 

compact vinyl liner pool with waterslide in small Mississippi backyard
Vinyl Liner Pool | Photo courtesy of Reeds Paradise Pools, MS

What to Know About Installing an Inground Pool in Mississippi

Whether you’re thinking about installing a beautiful new fiberglass pool or a fully-customized vinyl liner pool, it’s important to take into account the logistics of making your splashy pool dreams a reality. 

If you’re planning on building a pool in MIssissippi, fall and winter are among the best times to start your pool construction project. This can help you avoid some of the tropical storms and heavy rains common to The Magnolia State that could put a damper on building your new pool. Typically, hurricane season in MS runs between June 1st and November 30th, with peak activity occurring between late August and September. 

Mississippi has mild winters, with cold fronts typically lasting for just a short amount of time. This also means the ground isn’t cold, hard and frozen during winter months. This can allow your pool building team to more easily excavate a spot for your pool in your backyard without having to battle the elements. Before you know it, spring will be sprung and your new pool will be prepped and ready for you to enjoy during the dog days of summer!

Installing a Fiberglass Pool

One of the biggest benefits of a fiberglass pool is how quickly they can be installed. Because fiberglass pools are prefabricated off-site and then dropped in place into a newly-dug spot in your backyard, it can make for a substantially speedier install! 

Learn more about installing a fiberglass pool.

Installing a Vinyl Pool

The process of installing a vinyl liner pool begins with your builder evaluating and measuring your yard before excavation takes place. Depending on any of the more unusual features of your backyard, your builder may create a retaining wall or grade your land to make it more conducive to a new pool. From there, your team will fill your pool and seal your liner into place – all ready for you to enjoy! 

Learn more about installing a vinyl liner pool.

Transforming or Replacing Your Current Mississippi Pool

Installing a brand new pool is one thing, but at some point, you may decide to give your pool a makeover. There are a number of reasons to replace a pool. For instance, if you purchased a home with an existing concrete or gunite pool, you might not love the rough, porous texture of your pool – and that it can be a homing beacon for algae overgrowth, given Mississippi’s brutally hot and humid summers! With that in mind, you may want to replace it for a newer vinyl liner pool model that’s less intensive in terms of upkeep and offers a smoother, more enjoyable surface when wading in! 

On the flipside, you may want your pool to mirror any lifestyle changes. For young Mississippians with growing families, you might want to add fun features to delight your kids. Think vibrant LED lights, water slides and bubble jets to liven up your pool and create your own miniature water park in the privacy of your own backyard! 

Older pool owners may want to downsize their pool to minimize the amount of surface area to skim and clean each week. There’s no right or wrong way to reshape your pool – so long as it allows you to reap the maximum amount of enjoyment from it. 

When considering a pool renovation project, keep in mind that any major upgrades, reshaping, or adding and subtracting features should be done alongside periodic vinyl liner replacements. Some upgrades can be more invasive and would require you to replace your vinyl anyway, so preparing ahead of time can help you save time and money! 

Benefits of an Automatic Pool Cover in Mississippi

If you’re planning for a pool in Mississippi, an automatic pool cover can help you save time on maintenance, keeping bugs, leaves and debris out of your pool. Mississippi’s humid climate and marshlands scattered throughout the state can make it attractive to mosquitoes – and doubly so with a source of standing water like a pool. An automatic pool cover can prevent mosquitoes from using the crown jewel of your background as a breeding ground, minimizing the presence of these winged, biting pests that could spoil your summer fun! 

An autocover can also help you save between 50% to 70% on energy costs. It can also help you reduce water evaporation and the need to rebalance your water chemistry more often than not. 

Most importantly,  autocovers can save lives, preventing kids and pets from accidentally falling in when your pool is left unsupervised. It can also serve as an added layer of protection against uninvited guests hopping the fence and helping themselves to your pool when you’re not around. 

Saving room in your budget for an autocover can pay for itself in the long run when you factor in the cost savings on utilities, as well as time savings in upkeep. However, if you have a smaller budget, many rectangular pool models are autocover-ready. More unique shapes, such as freeform pools, may require a custom-cut autocover, which can cost more than a pre-made cover.

How to Maintain Your Mississippi Pool

Both vinyl liner pools and fiberglass pools are outstanding low maintenance options. However, depending on the type of material you choose for your new pool, your maintenance schedule and checklist can differ slightly.

Do I need to winterize my pool in Mississippi

Mississippi winters are short and relatively mild, with temperatures along the Gulf Coast sitting between 40 F and 60 F. On rare occasions, typically only once every five years, Mississippi experiences freezing temperatures. On the off chance that a cold snap hits, it’s important to winterize your pool after you’ve closed your pool for the season. 

While you won’t need a specialized winter pool cover in The Magnolia State, it’s important to close your pool properly to make for a smooth reopening the following spring. For starters, vacuum your pool and balance your water. This will help prevent calcium and algae build-up under cover, reducing the risk of reopening your pool to find a nasty surprise come spring. 

Living in a warmer area of the country, Mississippi residents will want to check on their freeze protection and filter run time, adjusting it accordingly. 

Fiberglass Pool Maintenance

Fiberglass pools are a cinch to maintain! Once each week, test and balance your pool’s water chemistry and empty filter baskets. Skimming your pool at least once per week – or more often if you’d like – can help you fish out any debris, keeping your waters pristine and sparkling! 

When pool season is in full swing, conduct monthly checks on your filter and back flush your filtration system to keep your pump running smoothly. 

For more helpful tips, check out our list of fiberglass pool maintenance tasks! 

Vinyl Liner Pool Maintenance

Although vinyl liner pools need slightly more upkeep than fiberglass models, the extra elbow grease is worth it in terms of cost savings. 

Skim your pool and test your water’s chemical and pH levels each week. Be sure to give your liner a gentle, weekly scrubbing using a soft bristle brush. This can prevent stains from accumulating and minimize risk of algae growth.

You can also help preserve the lifetime of your liner by taking care to only use soft pool toys. So, stock up on fun foam pool noodles and inflatable toys to make playtime in the pool a little more lively – without accidentally puncturing or tearing your liner! 

Speaking of liner tears, inspect your liner each month and patch any small tears to prevent them from growing larger. This can help you extend the life of your liner and reduce leaks. 

Browse through our vinyl liner maintenance checklist for more tips to keep your pool in tip-top shape!  

Mississippi Inground Pool Costs

The cost to install an inground pool is more than just the cost of your pool itself. And in Mississippi, that cost depends on a variety of factors. While your pool’s size and materials play a role, the total cost to install a pool also entails add-on features like multiple entry points and bubblers, as well as practical elements to offset your pool, including decking, fencing and landscaping. You’ll also want to consider items that can add a layer of safety and also save you money in the long run, such as an autocover.  

Although purchasing a pool is an expensive prospect, the fact that Mississippi has the lowest cost of living in the US can make affording a pool much more attainable. Even if you don’t have the money to pay for your pool outright now, there are a variety of financing options to help you start enjoying your pool today and pay it off tomorrow!

Rules and Regulations for Installing an Inground Pool in Mississippi

If you live in Mississippi and are thinking of buying a new pool, it’s important to educate yourself on state and local laws concerning pool ownership. This can ensure your pool is compliant with these laws and meets all safety requirements.

Because state and local laws can change, it’s important to check with your local building office to ensure your pool meets the most recent regulations. Although there are laws that blanket the state of Mississippi, your city, town or county may have more restrictive regulations that take precedence. Check with your local building office to be sure your pool meets these standards. Working with a professional builder can also help you gain a firmer understanding of what you are responsible for and ensure your pool is up-to-code.

Here are some of the most common questions we hear around state and local regulations for pools in Mississippi.

Do I need to have a fence around my pool in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, all residential pools must be fully surrounded by a fence or barrier at least 48 inches (4 feet) high. However, different localities throughout the state may have more stringent requirements. 

As laws can vary throughout the state, be sure to check with your local building office to get a handle on specific codes your pool must meet. Working with a licensed professional builder can also help you more easily navigate these codes.

How tall does a fence around a pool have to be in Mississippi?

Although Mississippi is blanketed by a law that requires fencing around a pool that is a minimum of 4 feet high, different cities and municipalities throughout The Magnolia State have more restrictive laws. 

For instance, D’lberville, MS (near Biloxi), requires all public and private pools to be enclosed by a fence or barrier that is a minimum of 6 feet high on the side of the barrier facing away from the swimming pool. These barriers must have self-latching and self-closing gates. This rule applies to all vessels that can contain over 24 inches (2 feet) of water, including a spa or jacuzzi.  

Be sure to investigate any laws surrounding pool fencing in your local area to be sure your pool meets all applicable codes. 

Enjoying Mississippi Through the Seasons

Mississippi has long hot summers and short, mild winters with very little snowfall. Areas such as Southern Mississippi, the Gulf Coast and Central MS receive under an inch of snowfall each year. Northern Mississippi receives a bit more snowfall – although it’s not much! Holly Springs and Tupelo, MS top the list, having received 2.3 inches and 1.5 inches of annual average snowfall, respectively.

The Magnolia State’s climate means good news for pool owners, giving them more time to enjoy their pool throughout the year. In Mississippi, pool season can as early as March or April. If you have a heated pool or spa, it can extend your pool time well beyond summer, allowing you to enjoy your pool until October or early November. However, once daylight savings time kicks in, you may want to consider pool lights or attractive recessed patio lighting to add more visibility after sundown – and also create a more lively atmosphere!

To help you make the most out of your pool through all Mississippi seasons, here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

  • Spring: Mississippi is heavily forested, with over 60% of the state covered in rich greenery – and the timber industry accounting for a significant part of MS’s economy. Trees can generate heavy pollen when spring is in full bloom, which can potentially clog your pool filter, if left to accumulate. Be sure to regularly empty your filter and skim your pool to minimize pollen build-up and prevent it from contributing to algae growth.
  • Fall: A heated pool can help you keep the pool parties jumping into October and November, as can a spillover spa. In addition to keeping up with routine maintenance as you would during summer months, be sure to fish fall foliage out of your pool, as leaves can contribute to algae bloom if left untended. An autocover can also prevent autumn leaves from landing in your pool. In addition to staying on top of routine pool maintenance, Mississippi residents will also want to be on high alert to prep their pools in the event of a hurricane, as the state endures a hurricane season that spans June through November. (More on preparing your pool for a hurricane below!) 
  • Winter: All good things must come to an end, including pool season in balmy Mississippi. Although winter temperatures typically fall between 40 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s not quite warm enough for a dip in a heated pool. When closing and winterizing your pool for the season, remove all air from water lines and pool equipment to prevent cracks or leaks should freezing temperatures break out. Many pool owners close their pools themselves, but you can also opt to hire a professional to help you winterize your pool, too!  

Preparing Your Pool for Hurricane Season in Mississippi

The bulk of Mississippi is flat land and its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico often puts The Magnolia State in the path of hurricanes and tropical storms. As a flat plains state, Illinois experiences a “tornado season.” Mississippi ranks among the top 10 states in the US most prone to hurricanes, with “hurricane season” falling between June and November. 

Although you can’t prevent a hurricane, it’s important to know how to prepare your pool and backyard to help minimize any damage.

Perhaps the most important tip to prepare your pool in advance of a hurricane is to turn off all power to pool equipment, including your pump and filtration systems, pool lights, and heaters. This may not prevent damage to the equipment itself if your home is in the path of a hurricane or intense tropical storm, however, it can help prevent electric-related dangers from occurring. If possible, move your pool equipment to a basement storage unit or protect them with a secure waterproof covering. 

When bracing for a hurricane, do not drain your pool water. While it may seem like a good idea in terms of preventing your water chemistry from becoming tainted, draining your pool actually leaves it more vulnerable to scratches and scrapes. 

Additionally, do not store pool or patio furniture in your pool in the event of a hurricane. Instead, store any items that are not able to be secured indoors or in a safe outdoor enclosure. 

After the storm has passed, be prepared to clean up any debris in or around your pool. You’ll also need to rebalance your water chemistry or even shock your pool.

Mississippi Pool FAQs

What type of inground pool is best for Mississippi?

If you live in Mississippi, either a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool can be a great fit for your home. The best type of pool for you is a matter of taste and what type of pool works best for your lifestyle and backyard. 

Fiberglass pools are an outstanding choice for those who love a smooth, crystalline finish, all wrapped up in a low maintenance package. Fiberglass pools are great at resisting algae bloom and mold, thanks to their slick surface. Fiberglass pools can be a great choice for new pool owners as their ease of maintenance mitigates any learning curve around caring for your pool, and pre-fabricated fiberglass pool shells help speed up installation times, allowing you to start enjoying your pool sooner! 

Vinyl liner pools are a great choice for those who want to customize every aspect of their pool, giving you the flexibility to add and subtract features to accommodate a growing family or different stages of life. If you have a rocky or uneven backyard, a vinyl liner pool can also be a great fit. 

Does a pool increase home value in Mississippi?

On average, installing a new pool can increase your home’s resale value between 5% and 8%. Mississippi realtors typically look at the condition of the pool, its age, and other factors before offering up an assessment of what value it may add to your home’s market price. Ultimately, the true value of your pool is in how much you enjoy it. Even if you aren’t planning to sell your home in the immediate future, a pool can give you a place to make many happy memories with loved ones for years to come. 

Can you have an inground pool in Mississippi?

Yes, you can have an inground pool in Mississippi! However, you will need to investigate any state and local laws first, ensuring your pool meets these standards. Mississippi requires a barrier or fence surrounding your pool that is at least 4 feet high, however, some localities throughout the state require even higher fences and have more rigid restrictions. Do your homework in advance so you can freely enjoy your pool, armed with the knowledge that it complies with all state and local safety regulations. 

Mississippi Inground Pool Installation Areas

If you’re thinking of buying a new pool, Latham has the experience and options to help you make it happen. We’ve helped countless homeowners throughout Mississippi build the pool of their dreams, including those in: 

  • Columbus, MS
  • Jackson, MS
  • Tylertown, MS
  • Gulfport, MS
  • Waveland, MS

Start Building a Pool for Your Mississippi Backyard Today

A new pool can be a great place to start making years of happy memories with friends and loved ones – all without leaving the comforts of your own backyard. Get in touch with a professional builder today to become one of the many happy folks throughout Mississippi who love their Latham pool. 

Contact us to learn more today.

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