Fiberglass pool with automatic safety cover in a sloped Alabama backyard

Fiberglass pool with automatic safety cover in a sloped Alabama backyard

Vinyl Liner & Fiberglass Pools for Alabama Backyards

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From the hotbed of Tuscaloosa to the welcoming community vibes of Huntsville, Alabama is known for its hospitality – and brutally hot summers. Whether you live in  Tuscaloosa, Montgomery or Daphne, AL, an inground swimming pool can be the perfect addition to your backyard to help make the heat a lot more bearable, liven up backyard BBQs, and give you a place to relax and congregate with friends and family.

No matter how big or small your yard, there’s a pool for every lifestyle. But, a pool is just one part of the larger picture. If you’re dreaming of cooling off in a pool of your very own, think about all of the little details that can make that dream a reality. You’ll want to consider how your pool will fit into your backyard alongside any other uses you have in mind for it, such as landscaping and using decking to beautifully frame your pool in its best light. Maybe you want to incorporate a relaxing hammock situated under a canopy or a covered pergola or gazebo to offer some shade.

In addition to the look of your pool, you’ll also want to think about practical features to help you get even more enjoyment out of it. If you plan to entertain guests and deliver culinary thrills from your grill, swim-up seating can be a great place for them to cool off while watching Alabama football on an outdoor big screen. Have kids? Consider adding slides or fun water features to create an at-home water park of their very own. More practical features, such as an automatic pool cover can reduce energy costs and maintenance – as well as water evaporation from the hot summer sun beating down on your pool.

Whether you live in beautiful, bustling Birmingham or the up-and-coming small town of Dothan, AL, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of choosing a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool that’s right for you. We’ll cover different pool types, maintenance tips and state and local regulations for owning a pool in Alabama.

Fiberglass Pools in AL

There’s a lot to love about fiberglass pools. Their beautiful crystalline finish makes them a striking addition to your backyard, while their smooth surface makes them an underfoot treat for your tootsies when wading in. Beyond appealing to the senses, fiberglass pools are strong, durable, and easy to maintain.

And because fiberglass pool shells are manufactured off-site and transported into an excavated area in your backyard, prefabricated fiberglass pools can be installed faster. And when you’re enduring 90+ degree temperatures in the heart of an Alabama summer, the sooner you can take a cool dip in your beautiful new pool to find relief from the heat!

Learn more about the benefits of owning a fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass Pool Designs for Alabama

When envisioning the pool of your dreams, is there a particular shape that springs to mind? Do you get giddy at the thought of a sleek, modern kidney-shaped pool? Or does the classic simplicity of a rectangular fiberglass pool float your boat? Fiberglass pools come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. But when it comes to pool design, choosing a shape is just one part of the equation. Beyond aesthetics, think about what you want to get out of your pool now and in the years ahead.

When planning your pool, think about how – and who – will use it: 

  • Do you have young children or teenagers?
  • Will they bring friends over to use the pool?
  • Do you love to entertain guests? What type of backyard bash do you typically throw and how many folks are in attendance?
  • Do you want a big pool that stands at the center of your backyard life? Or would you prefer a smaller pool nestled into your backyard alongside other features like a garden, gazebo or grilling station?
  • Will seniors or mobility compromised individuals use the pool?
  • What safety features might you need in order for everyone to enjoy your pool safely? What features do they need to be able to enjoy the pool safely?
  • Do you plan to use your pool for exercise, relaxation or both?

Features to Make the Most of Your Alabama Pool

Many fiberglass pool models are prefabricated to include a variety of features designed to help your pool enhance your lifestyle and give you more of what you want from it.

For instance, many pools, including the kidney-shaped St. Lucia, incorporate swim-up seating that allows you and your guests to partially submerge yourself under the water while enjoying good conversation – and maybe some cold beverages. This compact pool packs a lot of fun into its 12’ x 24’ size and can be ideal for those who want to entertain and still make the most of their space.

An inground fiberglass pool with a wading area or tanning ledge can be a great option for kids. By keeping little swimmers confined to a more shallow area, it gives them their own devoted place to splash and play – making it easier to supervise their pool time! Additionally, a wider top-step can double as a tanning ledge, making it great for adults who don’t want to get too wet or for greater stability for seniors or mobility-compromised individuals. Similarly, slip-resistant steps are another great feature to look for – and pretty much standard across all Latham fiberglass pool models!

Adding an autocover to your pool package can also serve as a convenient safety barrier to prevent kids and pets from accidentally falling in when your pool is unattended. It can also be a deterrent from Alabama water rats creeping into your pool, leaving you with a nasty surprise.

An autocover can help keep leaves and pollen out of your pool, reducing the risk of pool algae and pollen clogging your filters. An automatic pool cover can also help reduce water evaporation due to scorching Alabama heat. In turn, this can help you to minimize refilling and rebalancing your pool’s water.

While you may have an ideal pool shape and vision in mind, it’s important to be open to new ideas that a licensed professional pool builder may suggest. Based on the size, shape and natural features of your yard, they may help you realize that a different style may work better for your needs.

Latham can help you design a pool that works with nearly any type of yard. Below, you’ll see examples of some of our favorite pools we’ve built throughout Alabama. Don’t see one that looks like your dream pool? That doesn’t mean it’s not possible! Get in touch with a local independent builder to see additional photos and videos of pools that may not yet be available online.

Fiberglass pool with automatic safety cover in a sloped Alabama backyard
Rectangular Fiberglass Pool | Photo courtesy of Brooks Malone

Spacious Pool Ideas

If you live in one of Alabama’s suburban areas, you may have the space to make a bigger pool possible. A spacious backyard can give you ample room for a larger pool, destined to become the center of backyard life for all seasons. Alabama’s intensely hot summers and mild weather year round are all the more reason to consider a pool, giving you plenty of time to enjoy it. Whether that’s hosting the neighborhood for a cookout or watching some Alabama college football poolside, a larger pool gives you plenty of space to entertain and chill out. (Literally.)

If you see yourself and your pool ready to entertain, check out the modern freeform Fiji fiberglass model. With its generous 15’ x 34’ size, plenty of swim-up seating, slip-resistant steps and a larger top step that can pull double duty as a tanning ledge, it’s packed with tons of ready-made features waiting to be enjoyed. You can also upgrade it with LED pool lights, beautiful cascade water features or bubblers to make your pool even more inviting.

When temperatures become a bit more moderate in the fall, a spectacularly-sized pool with built-in extras like a spillover spa can help you enjoy it during cooler months. For instance, both the Astoria and Cancun Deluxe models are equipped with spillover spas, giving you a warm spot to soak sore muscles after a hard day’s work, or to enjoy a relaxing view of the nighttime sky from the comfort of your backyard any time of year.

Another reason to consider a larger pool is Alabama’s lower cost of living, which is a staggering 13% lower than the rest of the country and with housing costs standing at 38% below the national average. Factored in against the lower costs of labor, goods and services, it makes owning a pool in Alabama a more attractive option. Even if you don’t have enough savings banked up to buy a pool today, financing options are available to help you start enjoying your pool now and paying it off later.

large freeform fiberglass pool in a spacious southern backyard
Fiji Shape | Photo courtesy of Brooks Malone

Pool Designs for Smaller Backyards

Just because you live in an urban or more densely populated area doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a pool, too! There are a variety of compact pools that can easily tuck into a backyard in highly populated areas like Birmingham, Dothan, Huntsville or Mobile.

A small pool has just as much fun and enjoyment to offer as a larger pool. From budget to space to less pool to take care of, there are a variety of reasons why a small pool can be an attractive option for South Carolina homeowners.

For instance, the Pleasant Cove is a smaller 11’ x 22’ pool with a distinctive shape that’s almost a hybrid of a kidney-shaped and freeform pool. Features like a super-sized top step can serve as a tanning ledge or wading area for the kids, while swim-up seating and slip-resistant steps make it accessible for everyone to enjoy. For another smaller option, cocktail pools and plunge pools like the 10’ x 16’ Milan are equally great for making the most of your space to entertain guests – or even use your pool to swim laps for exercise.

fiberglass pool in a smaller hillside, southern backyard
Rectangular Fiberglass Pool | Photo courtesy of Brooks Malone

Fiberglass Options to Work With Your Lifestyle in AL

No matter what your lifestyle, there’s a pool package that’s right for you. Whether you’re an early bird who enjoys squeaking in some exercise in your pool, or enjoy having fun in the sun – and that the fun doesn’t have to stop once the sun goes down, your pool can help you transform your backyard into an extension of your home and a place to make many happy memories in the years to come.

When you’d rather spend time with your family in the pool instead of hauling the whole crew to the Gulf Coast and battling throngs of tourists, a well-outfitted fiberglass pool can give you all of the fun with far less hassle. For those craving a taste of Alabama’s Gulf Shores, check out our Gulf Shore model, a large and luxurious freeform pool with tons of built-in seating for entertaining the entire family.

If you enjoy a nighttime swim or enjoying your pool during cooler temperatures, add-on features like LED pool lights can add ambiance and visibility. A fire pit – or even eye-catching fire features – can make the area around your pool and patio feel extra cozy, illuminating the space with a warm, natural glow.

Your only limit is your imagination. Your pool builder can help you explore options to make sure your pool delivers all the fun and enjoyment you want from it in the decades ahead.

freeform fiberglass pool with spa in Alabama backyard
Axiom 16 Shape | Photo courtesy of SINGLETONS Elite Pools & Spas

Inground Vinyl Liner Pools for Alabama

Vinyl liner pools offer an array of benefits, with affordability and virtually unlimited customization potential at the top of the list.

You can customize every aspect of a vinyl liner pool, from liner colors and patterns to an assortment of add-ons designed to help your pool fit your lifestyle. Maybe today, you want a pool that feels like a personal waterpark for the kids, decked out with slides, bubblers, and diving boards. Down the line, when the kids get older, you may want to remove those features and replace them with extras like swim-up seating for a more relaxed vibe centered around grown-up get-togethers. Or, if you have older parents moving in with you that may want to use the pool, features like slip-resistant steps and multiple entry points can ensure they can safely join in the fun, too.

Vinyl liner pools are also easy to maintain, requiring only slightly more slightly more maintenance than fiberglass pools. However, that extra bit of elbow grease is worth it when you factor in the cost savings of a vinyl liner pool. In addition to being less expensive up-front, vinyl liner pools can translate to greater savings over time.

For instance, older gunite and concrete pools need to be resurfaced once every 10 years, as they can become rough and chalky with age and are more prone to developing algae. Given Alabama’s ultra hot and humid climate, it can create optimum conditions for algae bloom and less-than-optimum conditions for your water chemistry. However, a well-maintained vinyl liner can last up to 10 years and is far less expensive to replace than a full pool resurfacing.

Vinyl Liner Pool Designs for Alabama Homes

With so many possibilities, it can be difficult to narrow the field to arrive at the vinyl liner pool of your dreams. However, much like with a fiberglass pool, thinking about how you plan to use your pool can help you get a clearer picture in mind:

  • Do you have a family of young children? Will they need a designated spot in the pool to play, like a shallow end or wading pool? Add-ons like a water slide, colorful LED pool lights, and water features can put your kids right in the splash zone without ever having to leave your backyard.
  • Do you have older or mobility compromised adults who will be using the pool? Will they need features like slip-resistant steps, railings, and multiple entry and exit points to easily get in and out of the pool if they get tired swimming?
  • Do you dream of entertaining friends and family with your pool as a hotspot for cookouts and football watch parties? If so, in-pool features like swim-up seating can be a great choice, complemented by an outdoor speaker system and big-screen TV in a shaded area facing the pool.
  • Do you plan on using your pool for exercise and saving on a gym membership during hot summer months when you can swim laps instead of pump iron?

Although vinyl pools come in many of the same shapes and sizes as their fiberglass counterparts, these pre-designed options can be a great starting point to build off of. Working with a licensed professional builder can help you choose the right features to outfit your pool, helping you maximize your enjoyment of it in the years to come.

Need some inspiration? Check out some of the vinyl liner pools that the Latham team has built throughout Alabama scattered throughout this article. Don’t see the pool of your dreams shown here? Don’t worry! Chat with your local builder and they can show you even more videos and images of custom vinyl liner pools that aren’t showcased online just yet in their portfolio.

vinyl liner pool and spa with tanning ledge in southern backyard
Vinyl Liner Pool | Photo courtesy of J&M Pool Company

Vinyl Liners for Small Backyards

There are many reasons why homeowners want a smaller pool. If you live in an urban area with a smaller yard, a more compact pool can help you get in on the poolside fun. Or, maybe you have a larger yard and don’t want a pool to take up the entire space, instead reserving some of your yard for grilling, a hammock or swing set, and even a flower and vegetable garden. Or, maybe you’re leaning into your golden years and want the luxury of a pool, but don’t want to take care of a much larger pool.

If you have a lower budget to play with, there are many smaller pools that deliver just as much fun as their larger counterparts – giving you more flexibility and funds to apply to fun, add-on features instead of just size.

There are a variety of pre-made vinyl liner pool shapes in smaller sizes. For starters, take the Grecian, a geometric twist on a classic Roman pool, giving you length for swimming laps, but with plenty of room to install multiple entry points and spectacular water features. The freeform Taormina presents another smaller-sized vinyl liner pool option that opens the door to tons of customization possibilities.

vinyl liner pool in small southern backyard
Vinyl Liner Pool | Photo courtesy of Reeds Paradise Pools

Vinyl Liners for Big Backyards

If “go big or go home” is your mantra and you have a larger backyard, then a grand-sized pool can help you turn your pool into the place to be in your neighborhood.

Large-sized vinyl liner pools like the Full-L model can help you make the most of your space and even create designated areas of your pool itself for swimming and entertaining. Add-on features like a tanning ledge or swim-up seating benches can transform your pool into the center of the action, with ample seating for all of your guests.

For a more bespoke shape, the Mountain Lake II is another intriguing hybrid between an eclectic freeform shape and a classically asymmetrical kidney-shaped pool. Available in a variety of sizes, this vinyl liner pool brings the fun with its unique shape and plenty of space for add-ons. The Mountain Lake II is the right pool for either kicking back and relaxing with a cool drink while floating, or inviting the whole family over for a backyard BBQ and splashing around.

large vinly liner pool in a spacious southern backyard
Vinyl Liner Pool | Photo courtesy of Brooks Malone

When should you replace your vinyl liner or update your pool in AL?

If you want a larger or smaller pool down the line, a vinyl liner pool can also give you that option. If you purchased a home with an older concrete or gunite pool, a vinyl liner pool can be an ideal replacement if you decide it’s time to renovate an older pool. Even a well-maintained concrete pool will require resurfacing once every 10 years or so to get rid of that rough, chalky feel and protect your pool from developing algae.

By contrast, a well-maintained vinyl liner can last for nearly 10 years. While you can expect to swap out your liner periodically, unlike concrete, vinyl liner pools do not need to be resurfaced. This means less money you’ll have to shell out in the long run to keep your pool looking and performing its best.

If you’re the type of person who likes to switch things up, or you view your pool as an investment that will be with you for decades, a vinyl liner pool is ideal for changing with the times. If you plan to add or remove features over time, or expand or make your pool smaller to better suit your given stage of life, a vinyl liner pool fits the bill. These changes may require added digging and reshaping, but are entirely possible because vinyl liner pools are custom-made to work with the shape and features of your yard.

One way to save time and money is to plan your pool upgrade or renovation alongside replacing your vinyl liner. Add-ons like pool lights, a tanning ledge or multiple entry points can be invasive to install. Your pool builder would need to remove and replace your liner anyway, before making those changes. So, be sure to plan ahead to save yourself some extra time and money!

vinyl liner pool with custom water features in southern backyard
Vinyl Liner Pool | Photo courtesy of Blue Hawaiian Pools

Building the Perfect AL Pool Package: Covers and Winterizing Options

Pools are made for fun! But they also require care. When planning your pool package, consider factoring in an automatic pool cover, which can save you on maintenance and energy costs. As an added benefit, an autocover can help prevent accidents.

While Alabama winters are relatively mild, with temperatures in the low 40s and 30s and a total snowfall of 2 inches annually, they’re still not warm enough to use your pool after October. While you won’t need a specially designed winter cover made to withstand heavy piles of snow, an autocover can be a great tool to help you safely close your pool for the season and keep algae from developing on your pool when it’s not in use. This way, you can have a smooth reopening when spring rolls (tide) back around.

Should I get an automatic pool cover in AL?

For Alabama pool owners, an automatic pool cover can help protect your investment in a variety of ways. While autocovers typically help trap heat in your water, keeping temperatures more regulated, Alabama residents who endure scorching summers typically don’t have much of a problem with that! However, an autocovers can help reduce water evaporation and the need to rebalance your water chemistry or refill your pool. During any seasonal droughts, this can help keep the fun going. An autocover can also help you save between 50% to 70% on energy costs associated with running your pool.

An autocover can also help you reduce the amount of time spent maintaining your pool, skimming leaves or pollen from its surface. Given Alabama’s hot, humid spring and summer weather, this can encourage algae growth in pools that aren’t diligently maintained. An automatic pool cover can help offer you a line of defense against algae.

It can also serve as a barrier against any critters landing in your pool. Alabama wildlife, such as water rats, can be attracted to your pool as a source of drinking water. No one wants to gear up for an afternoon in the pool, only to find a nasty surprise floating around, putting a damper on the fun.

Most importantly, autocovers can save lives, preventing kids and pets from accidentally falling in when your pool is unattended. If you’re working with a smaller pool budget, many rectangular pool models are autocover-ready, making an autocover a less expensive add-on. More elaborate shapes, such as freeform pools, may require a custom-cut autocover, which can cost more than a ready-made model.

Pool Maintenance in Alabama

Both vinyl liner and fiberglass pools are easy on the upkeep. However, depending on the type of material you choose for your new pool, your maintenance schedule and checklist may differ slightly.

In general, Alabama pool owners will want to skim their pools weekly – if not more frequently. This can help prevent pollen grains from clogging your filters. It can also prevent dirt and debris from accumulating and increasing the likelihood of pool algae. Alabama’s hot, sticky summers and high humidity provide ideal conditions for algae to develop, so staying on top of weekly maintenance tasks can go a long way towards keeping algae at bay!

Maintaining Your Fiberglass Pool in Alabama

Even though fiberglass pools are low-maintenance, be sure to set aside time each week to stay on top of routine tasks to keep your pool looking and running its best. This includes skimming, testing your pool’s water chemistry, and emptying filter baskets. You’ll also want to check your filtration and back flush your system every so often to make sure your pool is running at peak performance.

Check out our list of fiberglass pool maintenance tasks to help you get the jump on taking care of your beautiful new pool.

Vinyl Liner Pool Maintenance in Alabama

Although vinyl liner pools require slightly more maintenance than fiberglass models, the extra effort is worth it when you factor in the overall cost savings.

Once each week, be sure to skim and test your water’s chemical and pH levels. This can help reduce the risk of your pool developing algae bloom thanks to Alabama’s humid summer weather. Give your vinyl liner a gentle scrubbing each week with a soft bristled brush to stamp out any stains, as well as prevent algae and calcium deposits.

Once per month, inspect your liner and patch any small holes or tears. This can help prevent them from becoming larger and requiring you to prematurely replace your liner ahead of its time. You can also give your liner a longer lease on life by making sure that only soft pool toys are used in or around your pool. There’s plenty of fun to be had with inflatable flats, foam pool noodles and other soft toys that won’t accidentally puncture or tear your liner.

Visit our vinyl liner maintenance checklist page for even more tips!

Alabama Inground Pool Costs

In Alabama, the cost to install an inground pool can vary based on a number of factors. Look at the total cost of installing a pool – beyond just the size and materials of your pool. You’ll also want to include the cost of any add-on features, such as pool lights, water features or a spillover spa.

You’ll also want to account for practical elements, such as decking, as well as any required fencing so that your pool complies with state and local regulations.

Although it’s not required, an autocover can be another practical addition to your pool package that can save you time spent on upkeep and also help you save on energy costs to run your pool.

A backyard pool can offer years of enjoyment for you and your loved ones, but there is no denying that it can be a costly undertaking. However, with a wide variety of pool financing options available, the dream of owning a pool is likely within reach. Learn more about financing options here.

Alabama’s Regulations for Inground Pools

Before you take the plunge into pool ownership, it’s important to understand some of the state and local requirements for owning a pool in Alabama. This can help ensure that your pool is up-to-code and meets all safety regulations set forth by your state and local governments.

Because laws surrounding pool ownership in Alabama can periodically change, be sure to investigate on your own before breaking ground on your beautiful new pool. Although Alabama has laws that blanket the entire state, your city, township or range may have their own pool laws that may be even more stringent than those of the statewide level.

Check with your local building office to better understand your responsibilities as a pool owner. Working with a licensed professional builder can also help you better understand Alabama state and local regulations so that your pool meets these standards.

Here are some of the most common questions we hear about Alabama pool rules and regulations.

Do I have to have a fence around my pool in Alabama?

Alabama adheres to the International Building Codes and, according to Section 3109, requires that all structures capable of holding more than 24 inches (2 feet) of water for recreational and bathing purposes should be surrounded by a fence or barrier at least 4 feet high on all sides and any opening at the bottom of the barrier should not exceed 2 inches.

While these laws apply throughout the state, your county or city may have more stringent requirements. Laws can change over time so be sure to confirm any existing laws on the books with your local building office before building your pool.

How far away from my home should my pool be in Alabama?

The required distance between your swimming pool and home varies depending on where you live in Alabama and also the size of your property.

For instance, Birmingham, AL classifies swimming pools as “accessory buildings” and requires that they be relegated to the backyard of a home. The minimum distance or setback should be “equal to one-half of that required for the district,” but no less than 3 feet from the dwelling. The prescribed distance varies and is illustrated with a table within Birmingham’s zoning ordinance regulations, factoring in the size of a lot and distance from any adjoining properties.

Because requirements can change through the years and based on your locality, be sure to check with your local building office to confirm your pool will be situated at the proper distance from your home and any other dwellings that share a property line.  Working with a professional pool builder can help you better understand your obligations and ensure your pool meets all state and local codes.

Do I need a pool cover in Alabama?

While Alabama does not require pool owners to have an autocover or safety cover, the state does require that all pools and spas must have drain covers or gates to prevent accidental drowning due to the suction power of an uncovered drain.

Additionally, Alabama has what are called “attractive nuisance” laws, which are an exception to the state’s general premises liability laws, where it is the responsibility of property owners to protect an invited or uninvited guests on their property – including trespassers. Because even a stranger’s pool can attract the attention of a child, Alabama’s attractive nuisance doctrine demands pool owners acknowledge this fact and that they take every precaution possible to protect any children who may attempt to wander onto their property to use the pool, being far too young to realize it could put them in a dangerous situation.

In addition to making sure your pool is equipped with state-and-local regulations around fencing, a pool cover – while optional – can also help add an extra layer of protection in deterring young children or any unwanted guests from using your pool and potentially putting themselves at risk of accident.

Enjoying Alabama Pools Year Round

Alabama’s scorching, humid summers make a pool a welcome way to cool off. And although The Cotton State sees only 2 inches of snow each winter and doesn’t suffer through freezing temperatures, it’s often still too cold to use your pool past October. However, adding a heater or spillover spa to your pool can help you eke out a little bit more pool time once cooler weather sets in.

In addition to incorporating features that can help you extend pool season and enjoy the water a little longer, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your pool throughout the year in Alabama:

  • Spring: When spring is in bloom, ‘bama pool owners will want to be on guard against pollen and critters winding up in their pool. On top of triggering allergies, pollen can clog your pool filter. Regularly skimming your pool each week can help remove these tiny yellow-green grains that can contribute to algae growth. In addition, springtime means animals come out of hibernation. Water rats (or swamp rats) can be attracted to your pool as a source of hydration. A pool cover can help you minimize the instances of both pollen and unwelcome creatures landing in your pool.
  • Fall: When temperatures take a dive, a heated pool can potentially help you extend pool season into late October or November! Choosing a fiberglass model that has a spillover spa or adding one to a vinyl liner pool can help you make the most of your pool before colder weather takes hold. Just be sure to continue your weekly skimming routine, removing any autumn leaves from your pool. If left unattended, leaves can contribute to algae growth. An autocover can also help you minimize the amount of leaves that trickle into your pool.
  • Winter: All good things must come to pass! When it’s a wrap on pool season, take time to properly close your pool before winter. You’ll want to take care to remove all air from water lines and pool equipment. Even though Alabama winters don’t often approach freezing temperatures, winterizing your pool can prevent damage to your pool and water lines in case a cold snap hits. Although many Alabama pool owners close their pool themselves, you can also recruit a professional to help you properly winterize your pool.

Alabama Pool FAQs

What type of inground pool is best for Alabama?

If you live in Alabama, the best type of inground pool is the one that works best with your lifestyle. Both fiberglass and vinyl liner pools have significant benefits and can be an attractive option.

Fiberglass pools have a striking gel coat that makes them smooth and shimmering. This slick surface makes them less susceptible to pool algae, which can be all the more enticing an option given Alabama’s humid climate can contribute to algae overgrowth. In addition to being low-maintenance, prefabricated fiberglass pool shells can offer a faster installation time, allowing you to start beating the summer heat sooner!

Vinyl liner pools are another great option that are comparable in terms of maintenance. A more economic option, vinyl liner pools have the added benefit of being fully customizable. This makes them an ideal choice for those who want their pool to evolve with them and their family, through every season of life in the years – and decades – to come.

Purchasing a pool can be a hefty investment, but Alabama’s low cost of living, as well as lower cost of labor, goods and services makes pool ownership an attainable prospect. Even if you don’t have savings to put towards a pool today, you can explore financing options to begin enjoying your pool today and start paying it off in the future.

Do you close your pool in Alabama?

Alabama residents should close their pool before winter sets in. Although Alabama typically sees less than 2 inches of snow, winters aren’t warm enough to use your pool year-round. Typically, ‘bama pool owners may close their pools in October.

How long will a fiberglass pool last in Alabama?

A well-maintained fiberglass pool can often last the lifetime of your home itself. There are some fiberglass pools that were installed in the 1960s and are still going strong today! Because fiberglass has a smooth, crystalline surface, it’s more resistant to algae bloom, making it a boon to Alabama pool residents who deal with humid summers that can create conditions more conducive to algae growth. Not only do fiberglass pools last a long time, but they offer the added benefit of minimal maintenance throughout the lifetime of your pool.

How long will a vinyl liner pool last in Alabama?

The structure of a vinyl liner pool can last as long as the lifetime of your home. However, plan to replace your vinyl liner itself approximately once every ten years. Keeping up with weekly skimmings, cleanings, and water chemistry balancing can help you extend the life of your liner and prevent algae and calcium build-up.

Alabama Inground Pool Installation Access

If you live in Alabama and are dreaming of a brand new pool, Latham has the expertise and options to help you make that dream a reality. We’ve helped countless homeowners throughout Alabama including those in:

  • Birmingham, AL
  • Chelsea, AL
  • Decatur, AL
  • Florence, AL
  • Huntsville, AL
  • Montgomery, AL
  • Toney, AL
  • Tuscaloosa, AL
  • Warrior, AL
  • Wetumpka, AL

Start Building a Pool for Your Alabama Backyard Today

A new pool can offer you more than a place to cool off and chill out. It can help you create decades of memories with friends and family, standing as a welcoming extension of your home and hospitality. Speak with a licensed professional builder today to become one of the many happy Alabama residents who love their Latham pool.

Contact us to learn more today.

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