Vinyl Covered Pool Steps: Limitless Custom Design Options

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Give Your Pool the Look and Functionality You Want with “Vinyl-Over” Steps and Other Features

The size and shape of your yard, your budget, and other factors all play a role in the pool design you ultimately choose. Whatever you select, you can customize your pool and give it the look and functionality you have envisioned by incorporating unique vinyl covered steps, benches, or ledges into the shape. From pool access to seating to tanning, pool owners have more options now than ever before for creating a  one-of-a-kind style for their backyard oasis.

The Growing Call for Customization

With increased demand for custom designs and more features in vinyl liner pools, builders are increasingly moving away from molded steps and utilizing vinyl covered steps and other features. And, with steps often becoming a pool’s focal point, pool owners appreciate that they can now select a particular type of step just like they would choose the ideal  furniture for their living room.

Vernon_Poolman_Vinyl_Liner_Replacement_Inground_Swimming_Pool_Latham_Pool_ProductsVinyl-covered steps are available in a variety of materials and application types. Steps can be crafted in steel or polymer, just like the wall systems on a vinyl-lined pool, and there are benefits to each material. Steps can also have an open-top or closed-top design, with an open-top step being filled with crushed stone and topped with concrete. Some builders prefer this method for a number of reasons on some or all step designs. It’s important to discuss these and other options when planning the installation of the pool.

Features that Blend In or Stand Out

Vinyl-over-steel and vinyl-over-polymer designs provide nearly limitless options for expressing yourself with your pool design. A basic shape and size can be created and covered by the vinyl liner material for an uninterrupted, visual or aesthetic all the way around the pool. Or, you can get creative and develop a design that better suits your needs or tastes by changing the size or shape of the steps, or by adding a bench or ledge to create more seating for swimmers who want to take a break or an area for pool users who want to soak up some sun. From small tweaks to standard designs to completely custom steps, if you can envision it, odds are it can be designed and produced.

Latham Pools Vinyl Over Steps

Using Drop-In Features to Modernize Your Pool

Looking to update your existing pool? Drop-in steps, benches and tanning ledges are perfect for adding life to a vinyl liner pool that’s in need of a makeover. For example, older pools with no steps can be enhanced to provide easier, safer access for pool users. Or, you can add seating areas to a pool that no longer needs as much swimming and play space once the kids move out of the house.

Available in steel or polymer, swimming pool drop-in features are easily assembled, set in place, and securely bolted to the current wall system. The new pool liner is designed with the step or bench and laid over the top, making it simple to transform your pool to your new backyard oasis.

Want to learn more about the incredible flexibility of vinyl-over features? Contact the local independent Latham Independent Builder near you today.

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