3 Top Benefits of a Polymer Wall Swimming Pool

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What Exactly is a Vinyl Liner Pool?

A vinyl liner pool, also known as a package pool, refers to a swimming pool that is either built with steel walls or polymer plastic walls. Creating these inground pools begins by choosing from a variety of different parts to assemble and design your own unique swimming pool. These pools belong in the ranks of some of the most elegant and beautiful pools that are highly customizable to meet your family’s needs.  The pools are your own creation and not some cookie-cutter model that everyone on your block will have. Vinyl Liner Pools are built on a frame of either steel or polymer walls in a specially designed thermal plastic molding process that includes an all-resin structural polymer for strength and durability.

The Benefits of a Polymer Wall Swimming Pool

Latham’s polymer pool walls have some seriously impressive features that give them the superior edge. They are designed with precision engineering which not only provides them with strength and endurance, but also ensures a smooth finish to the vinyl liner. Vinyl liner pools with polymer walls are also high strength, meaning that as lightweight and easy to handle as the panels are, they are incredibly sturdy. They are also made of a non-corrosive assembly structure, which is great because every part of the walls, and the support system for the walls, are made up of materials that will not rust, deteriorate, or corrode under normal ground conditions.

While these are clearly some amazing structural benefits, the fact that these pools arrive in a variety of shapes and sizes are very appealing features to homeowners. You can let your creativity shine when designing your backyard swimming pool– adding a little extra pride to your unique and customized design.

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How do I Install a Polymer Pool in my Yard?

Vinyl liner pools with polymer wall systems offer numerous customization options and can be designed to fit most backyards. Contact a Latham Independent Builder in your area to find out more.

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