Design Dilemma: Choosing a Vinyl Liner is Fun but Challenging. Just Ask Jillian Harris

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Your swimming pool should be more than just a place to swim, play, and relax. It should also make a statement and set a mood for your backyard. That’s why we offer a wide range of vinyl liner colors and patterns. In fact, there are enough options that you may find yourself with a difficult decision to make. And that’s true for everyone, from the typical homeowner, who has little or no experience in design, to an expert designer and TV personality like Jillian Harris.

Creating the Right Look for a Pool Renovation

Jillian Harris is no stranger to making tough choices. She settles for nothing short of aesthetic perfection when it comes to her work with clients. And when she bought a home in British Columbia that had a swimming pool which was built in the 1960s, she held herself to that same high standard in designing a backyard oasis to enjoy with her partner Justin, her young son Leo, and her dog Nacho.

However, even for this talented design professional, choosing the right vinyl liner for her pool renovation was a challenge because she was faced with the many beautiful and stylish options that Latham offers. She wanted to carry the soft, organic look that she created for the home’s interior out to the pool and deck area. However, while modernizing the pool, she also wanted to maintain an elegant, timeless feel.

Reef: The Perfect Vinyl Liner for Jillian’s Pool

Jillian’s decision-making process started with eliminating the basic blue colors. While they are ideal in many settings, they weren’t what she envisioned for her pool. Fairly quickly she narrowed the options down to either a tan/brown liner or the reef pattern. Tan liners give the water a turquoise hue, and Justin wasn’t sure he wanted that. So, ultimately Jillian chose the Reef pattern. It gives her pool a look that can be described as both classic and current, and that’s no easy task! Best of all, her liner was installed and the pool filled just in time for the July 1 Canada Day celebration!

Helpful Vinyl Liner Selection Strategies

Some homeowners know exactly which vinyl liner they want right from the get-go. If you aren’t one of them, fear not! Here are some ways to zero in on the look that matches your personal style:

  • Use online sources like the Latham photo gallery, Pinterest, etc. to look at lots of color samples and real-life photos.
  • Take photos of your backyard at different times of day to see where the bright and shadow areas are as the sun moves.
  • If you’ve chosen a pool surround and know that it will be beige, or gray, or some other color, imagine how different liner/water colors will look with it. Do you want a color that matches or contrasts with the deck?
  • Decide which water color appeals most. Soft Blue? Teal? True Blue?
  • Then give some thought to the shade. Do you want light, medium, or dark?

This process should give you confidence in selecting the liner that will create the look you want. And while you probably won’t have access to Jillian Harris’ design expertise (unless you are her client), you can certainly share ours. Contact the local independent Latham Independent Builder near you to talk about your design goals and how we can meet them.

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