Which Hue For You? How Your Vinyl Liner Can Change Your Water Color

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One of the great things about vinyl liner pools is how customizable they are. Virtually any size or shape can be achieved. You can even change the color of your pool water… in a way. While the water remains clear, you can change its appearance by choosing a different liner color. And there are oh, so many to select from! 

Picking the Perfect Color

There is certainly nothing wrong with the simple light blue that was, for decades, the standard (and sometimes only) color for pools. In fact, it really hasn’t lost any of its appeal. However, with advances in vinyl liner technology, pool owners now have many, many options.

Generally speaking, colors can be categorized into three groups: dark, medium, and light.

  • Deep and dramatic. This group includes colors/patterns like Natural Blue, Deep Blue Fusion, Blue Granite, Prism, Majestic Sky, and Bluestone.
  • Rich and vibrant. Here you’ll find names like Ocean Breakers, Royal Prism, Gemstone, Blue Mosaic, Seabrook, Creekstone, and Seaglass.
  • Light and Tranquil: Colors/patterns in this category include Fresco II, Natural Grey, Crystal, Grey Mosaic, Sandstone, and Gold Pebble

However you name them, you get the picture that there are a wide variety of colors and patterns. But what’s right for your backyard oasis? As the category names above suggest, darker liners produce an artistic, dramatic effect. Medium shades tend to convey a sense of energy and movement. Lighter colors are peaceful and calming.


Vinyl Liner Pool | True L in Chesapeake / Gemstone

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

If you’re struggling to choose your liner color and/or pattern, there are many images you can peruse in our idea gallery to help you get a sense of what a liner will look like installed in a pool.

But, even if you are struggling to make a decision, never fear. All the vinyl liner colors available today were developed by people who know pool design, and “approved” by the many discerning customers who have purchased them. You really can’t go wrong! Plus, while a quality Ultra-Seam® liner will last for many years, it will need to be replaced eventually, giving you the opportunity to create a different mood for your pool.

Need Help Finding a Liner You Will Love?

If you’re still having a hard time decide which liner hue and pattern is right for you, visualize the difference by using our liner visualizer. Once you’re ready, contact a local Latham Independent Builder in your area. 

Editor’s note: Updated in 2021 for relevance. 

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