Can Fiberglass Swimming Pools Pop Out of the Ground?

September 16th, 2016 by

This is the number one myth aimed at fiberglass pools and it is simply not true!

For the record, any pool can pop out of the ground, even concrete, if not properly installed or maintained. Without going into a physics lesson or a long discourse on proper installation methods, the chief culprit of this rare phenomenon is the buildup of drainage water or seasonal high water around a pool that’s improperly installed.

To combat such installation mishaps, we provide detailed guidelines to our independent builders like an excavation template, a material list for the base and back fill, as well as information on how to insure that your fiberglass pool is properly set, to name a few.

In addition, most fiberglass pools have a cantilever concrete deck installed around the pool’s lip, further securing your pool from ground shifts. And since you never need to drain a fiberglass pool (remember improper maintenance is the second part of this equation), you can see how ridiculous this myth is. 

Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Sierra Majestic Blue - Leisure World - rectangular pool with open fence and safety cover


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