3 Ways to Create Healthy Habits in 2022

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Goodbye 2021 and hello 2022! There are many things happening in the world that are beyond our control, however, New Year’s resolutions are simple ways to improve the way you live. Many people are re-setting and reconsidering how to become their best selves for 2022. In fact, one of the top-selling books of 2021 was Atomic Habits by James Clear which focuses on changing a little each day.

Is creating healthy habits part of your New Year’s Resolution? If so, here are 3 ways an inground Latham pool in your backyard could help you reset your habits into healthy ones that you enjoy.

Shape Your Environment

Like the concept behind a popular organizing show, it is widely considered that your environment has an impact on your well-being. If you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle in 2022, why not start first with your physical space? The holidays bring an influx of presents and toys, so consider selling or donating any old items that are no longer needed or not used. Removing clutter is one way to shape the space around you.

Another way to foster choices that help you flourish is to create a designated space for physical activity. Working out in the water brings numerous health benefits, so consider transforming your backyard into your own athletic abode – complete with an ingound pool. A positive environment beckons you to add more activity into your life. There’s no better way to enhance your environment than with a sparkling swimming pool in your own backyard.

Rinse and Repeat

The old adage is ‘practice makes perfect’ but, sometimes it’s easier said than done. In order to build healthy habits, it’s important to repeat the action. One way to ensure repetition is by removing barriers to your goals. For example, if toys, shoes, and other items are out of place, leave a basket near the stairs to drop these items. One clean-up basket per person can serve as a reminder to tidy up and hopefully after several repetitions it will turn into habit.

If you’re looking to incorporate more physical activity into your daily habits, remove the commute to the gym and possible noisy gym mates by moving the workout to your backyard. Plus, if you’re working out in your backyard, it’s easier to repeat your healthy habit when you can see your personal pool every day.

Find Joy

Healthy habits become sticky if you’re having a good time. Maybe you remember a nursery song that helps make the task of tidying up more pleasant? You don’t have to be an American Idol, any voice will add joy to a simple clean up singalong!

To build healthy fitness habits, there are many ways to sprinkle in joyful moments. Instead of trekking to a cold, industrial gym, imagine gliding through cool waters on a hot day, or sharing a silly giggle while playing with your family. It’s easy to get your heart rate up when splashing around with children, friends, and family. Follow the fun with a nutritious plant-based meal and you’re on your way to reaching your healthy habit goals for 2022.

Vinyl Liner Pool | Rectangle in Butterfly Effect Pearl

It’s easy to build better habits if you start small. These 3 simple steps are all an obtainable piece of healthy habit building when you add an inground pool to your home. Learn more about pool ownership and pool planning by joining our community– sign up for the Latham blog below.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year full of good habits!

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