Which Hue For You Part II: Fiberglass Pool Design Decisions

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Don’t Forget to Pick the Perfect Color!

Fiberglass pools come in an incredible array of sizes, shapes, and configurations. And then there are optional features like spas, tanning ledges, and benches. In fact, you may have so much fun pondering your design decisions that you initially overlook another critical aspect of your new fiberglass pool: the COLOR!

The Hue You Choose Makes a Statement

Back in the day, pool and spa surfaces were almost always the standard white surface, resulting in a light blue water color. You really had to go out of your way to do something different. And if you did, people might look at your backyard oasis a little skeptically, as if something was wrong.

Thankfully, things have changed — especially with fiberglass pools. Today you can (and should!) consider a wide range of colors for your pool or spa.

From cool blues to warm sand tones, pearlescent to prismatic, there’s a pool color and style for every home. While most customers opt for a sparkling shade of blue, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with so many color options for fiberglass pools!

Latham’s Crystite Crystal collection (formerly G3) offers an extra layer of sparkle that allows your pool to really shine. The colors include:

  • Crystite Crystal Sapphire Blue A sparkling cascade of brilliant blues with bursts of diamonds.
  • Crystite Crystal Ocean Blue A medium-dark, blissful blue that perfectly blends day with night.
  • Crystite Crystal Night Sky A dark, deep blue that embodies the night sky.
  • Crystite Crystal Shale Gray A sleek array of silvers melt into an irresistibly entertaining atmosphere.
  • Crystite Crystal Coastal Bronze Beautiful, warm copper tones mold into an impressive display of brown and bronze.
  • Crystite Crystal Pearl White A fun, sparkly white that sets a silky, cosmopolitan tone.

Check out the fiberglass pool colors in the video below:

Contemplating Your Color

Now that there’s no longer a “default color” for pools and spas, it’s important that you give your selection some serious thought. Who will be using your pool? Primarily kids? Mostly adults? And how will it be used? For fun and games? As a dramatic backdrop for dinner parties? Whatever mood you’re looking to create, there’s a combination of shape, size, accessories, and color for you!

Need help choosing? Explore more design and color combinations in our Plan Your Pool section

When you’re ready, contact the local independent Latham Independent Builder in your area to start your inground pool project. 



Editor’s note: Originally posted 12/9/2017. Updated for relevance and clarity. 

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