What To Expect When Building a Pool: Pre-Installation Preparation

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Congratulations, you’re adding an inground pool to your backyard! Soon enough you’ll glide through water, sip your morning coffee poolside and play games with family. Your moments with a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool begins by working with an experienced builder to bring this dream to life.

Installing a pool may seem overwhelming at first, but that’s why the Latham team and I want to help walk you through the steps with our new and revised What to Expect When Building a Pool guide! This is the first in our series, so stay tuned over the coming months as I help explain the various stages and steps you can expect as you build your dream fiberglass or vinyl liner inground pool.

Planning & Preparation: How to Prepare for a Pool

A pool is an investment in your home so it’s important to understand all that is required when building a vinyl liner pool or installing a fiberglass pool. The process may feel overwhelming, but there are simple preparations that will streamline that process, making it a safe and fun experience for the whole family.

First, it’s important to work with a qualified pool builder. True pool professionals know how to work in magical ways and can help you plan and prepare your home for its new addition. I hope you trust me as I have worked in the pool industry for 48 years and understand choosing a knowledgeable pool builder in your area is key to a successful project.

This can be an exciting time; excavators, water trucks, concrete trucks and cranes will all be visiting you and your family. Before breaking ground, however, make sure you and your pool builder have done the following:

Ensure the Pool Works With Your Yard Size

A key factor when adding an inground pool to your home is to consider the right pool for your yard. It’s important to not only consider the size of your backyard, but the natural elements in your yard. For example, if your yard is sloped then you might need a retaining wall to create a flat base upon which to build — because water does not lie. Considering the right pool for your yard will be essential when determining the timeline and cost of the project.

Make a Plan for Construction Access

It takes machinery, concrete, materials and skilled workers to transform your yard. Before construction starts, consider the path that heavy equipment will need to get from the road to the location of your pool. Some things to consider when mapping out access include:

  •  Whether or not there’s adequate space between your home and the neighbor’s home
  •  If fencing will need to be temporarily taken down
  •  What will happen to pre-existing landscaping?
  •  Allowing for passage of workers and equipment over driveways and sidewalks
  •  Identifying staging areas for materials and planning for possible lawn repair

The journey of owning and building an inground pool will travel over the lawn and through the landscaping so it’s important to decide how your builder will access your yard before the project starts.

Know the Upheaval is Temporary

While in the thick of planning and installation, it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The most important thing to remember when renovating your backyard is that the upheaval will be temporary. Within a few weeks your pool will be filled with smiles!

As a builder, I have helped thousands of homeowners create the yard of their dreams. I look forward to sharing decades-worth of pool building knowledge with you as we explore the depths and wonders of adding an inground pool to your home.

Important Things to Remember

  • A qualified pool builder will help you know what to expect when installing a swimming pool. Locate one of these qualified dealers in your town.
  • Choose the right pool that best fits the shape and location of your yard and home.
  • Remember that while overwhelming, construction is part of the process and soon you’ll be enjoying your new pool for years to come.

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Mike Giovanone has installed over 12,000 inground pools during his 48 year career. He founded Concord Pools and Spas, one of North America’s most decorated and well-respected pool companies. Mike currently serves as Advisory Chairman for Concord along with being a special consultant to Latham Pool Products. Mike loves spending time with his wife Debbie along with his five grandchildren teaching them to swim, wakeboard and ski. He also is a dedicated board member of The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children (NCMEC).

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