Ultra-Seam: A Revolutionary Category of Vinyl Liners

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No question about it, the vinyl liners used in swimming pools are amazing feats of manufacturing genius. Incredibly strong, durable, smooth to the touch, algae-resistant and long-lasting, they make owning a pool easy and affordable. But, the most impressive thing about liners is how they are custom-tailored to fit your pool. Like a fine Italian suit, liners are built using rolled vinyl sheets assembled together based on your pool measurements. Unfortunately, as impressive as they are, standard vinyl liners can have one particularly noticeable flaw. In many cases, the seams between the sections of a liner are visible.

Thankfully, there’s now a way to enjoy an inground vinyl liner pool that uses innovation to effectively eradicate these unsightly seams.

Let Us Introduce You to Ultra-Seam 

Say goodbye to standard vinyl liners and hello to Ultra-Seam®. Using state-of-the-art technology, Ultra-Seam vinyl liners provide a practically line-free appearance and are stronger than the standard welded seams on liners. We consider Ultra-Seam to be an entirely new category of liner because of the combined benefits of strength and beauty. Currently, we are applying this technology on all floor and vertical wall close-seams.

The pool industry has not seen a revolutionary product since the early 90’s when designer patterns were introduced (also a Latham innovation). We are proud to provide this patent-pending Latham exclusive seaming process to the industry.

Latham Ultra-Seam liners are available both in solid colors and stylish patterns. Either way, your eye will struggle to pick out the virtually invisible seams. No more ugly floor seams detracting from the beauty of your pool!

So Many Ultra-Seam Options

Vinyl liners, when maintained properly, can last on average 10 years. However, one of the benefits of a vinyl liner pool is that when you change the liner, you can transform the look of your backyard. With more than 30 eye-catching, contemporary Latham vinyl liner designs, the hardest design decision you’ll have to make will be which pattern to choose! Thankfully, there’s an online tool to help you make this decision. Explore all the different vinyl liner pattern options with the Latham Vinyl Liner Visualizer.

Designed with Ease of Maintenance in Mind

All Latham vinyl liners now come standard with Ultra-Seam, the strongest seam you’ll virtually never see. We use premium vinyl that meets and exceeds the industry standard in the manufacture of our liners. And to help keep them clean and bacteria-free, we treat the liners with anti-microbacterial and UV inhibitors to keep your pool beautiful for years to come.

Making the Move to Ultra-Seam

An inground vinyl liner pool with virtually invisible seams is the perfect addition to any backyard retreat. In addition, the numerous pattern and color options allow you to transform the look and feel of your backyard when it comes time to replace the vinyl liner. Ready to add an Ultra-Seam liner to your backyard pool? Contact an independent Latham builder in your area.

Editor’s note: Post updated 4/2021

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