Your Swimming Pool: The Original Social Network

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Social media is the trendy way to stay connected with friends, family, and business associates. But what happens when you need a break from the overwhelming digital deluge? You can turn off your laptop, put your smartphone on airplane mode, and power down your pad, but how will you stay connected?

A swimming pool is the original social network. It can help you stay connected, but at a slower, more enjoyable pace. Your pool can be the hub of activities for your friends, family members, and business associates, and because it’s your social network, you can make it whatever you want it to be.

Share face time with family

A backyard pool can help you maintain connections with your family. You can celebrate birthdays, school achievements, or sports victories with a pool party. Or you can make Saturday poolside breakfasts a weekly family event.

A pool can transform your backyard into the fun spot that keeps your children at home because that’s where their friends want to be. It can be at the center of exciting experiences, face-to-face encounters, and memories that never fade.

Link up with colleagues

You spend a lot of time connecting with business associates. You commute together, sit through meetings together, and share the same office space all day long. A typical workday offers few opportunities for rest and relaxation. Touching base after hours usually means a quick online consultation. A pool offers benefits that can help you establish new business traditions and stronger working relationships. These include:

  • The perfect venue for a working breakfast or an office retreat
  • An opportunity to trade in an office chair for an umbrella and a poolside deck chair
  • A chance to trade harsh office lights for sunshine
  • A great way to boost morale, create excitement, and establish new business connections

Book a family staycation 

If you love vacation destinations but find travel exhausting, a backyard swimming pool could jump-start a new family staycation tradition. A pool can give you a beachside experience without all the packing, the exhausting travel, or the expense, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your family.

A pool can make your home a vacation destination for out-of-town friends. If your grown children and grandchildren live far away, it can become the enticement that brings them to town for a visit.

Make time for your social life

If you’re like most homeowners, you spend a lot of time on your backyard to-do list. You mow and edge the lawn, trim bushes, plant flowers, water trees, and rake leaves. Landscaping tasks can exhaust you and eat away your downtime, but a backyard pool can give you back your time and energy.

A swimming pool and its surrounding landscaping can add elegance and beauty to your home while eliminating many of your usual landscaping tasks. Instead of spending your backyard time performing backbreaking labor, you can make it a time for socializing with family and friends.

The original social network

Social media changes the way you communicate with friends and family, but when you decide to take a break, a swimming pool–the original social network–can help you stay connected. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, a pool can promote a thriving social life and transform your backyard into an exciting destination.

Editor’s note: Originally posted 3/2015.

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