How To Honeymoon in Your Own Backyard

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From pool party ideas for wedding showers to proms and graduation parties, many pool owners are well aware of the many ways to transform an outdoor space into a celebration-worthy venue—but only the most creative minds would think to plan a poolside honeymoon. Here are six ways to keep it fun and adventurous without ever leaving your backyard.

Stargazing: Never underestimate the romantic appeal of Mother Nature. You don’t have to be cheesy and recite a sonnet—a thick, warm blanket and bottle of wine will work just fine. Download a star-gazing app or buy a constellation map and see how many you can identify. Now that the wedding speeches are over, take your time toasting to each other in private.

Candlelit dinner: Surprise your spouse with a backyard dinner for two complete with tea lights around the pool’s edge (battery powered candles make for less fuss). Decorate the pool umbrella with twinkling Christmas lights and pick a rose from the flower garden to place in a single vase. You can still create a romantic dinner without patio furniture—eating takeout on your best flatware while sprawled out on a picnic blanket is just as sweet.


Good old-fashioned slow dance: Create a Spotify playlist of your favorite slow jams or ask your wedding DJ to put one together from your list of selected wedding songs. Hang a disco ball and set up spotlights around your patio or under the gazebo and dance the night away. It can be as intimate or silly as you’d like—play to your unique style. If slow dancing isn’t your thing, plan a dance-off with your bridal party. Who says the celebrating has to end once the wedding is over?

Pretend you’re at a resort: Remember—however you decide to splurge at home will be far cheaper than a traditional honeymoon, so go all out. Buy plush white towels and robes. Research the perfect craft cocktail recipe and find fresh ingredients. Take a trip to your local home goods store and pick out a nice serving tray or linen basket. Decorate the pool and yard as if you’re a guest at a five-star hotel. Use a new towel after every dip and don’t forget the tiny umbrellas for your drinks.

Urban camping: When honeymooning on a budget, you’ll want to get inventive. Sure, you might not be able to hike Yosemite like you wanted, but you can still cozy up under sleeping bags and pretend you’re anywhere but in your backyard. Make s’mores by the fire pit (or on the grill), play card games, and let the dog snuggle up between you. You might be surprised how much fun you’ll have pitching a tent.

Theme party: Talk to your spouse about your dream destination and decide where you’d go if money wasn’t an issue. Would you hit an island in the Caribbean? Paris? Tokyo? Think of the staycation as a trial run for your ultimate trip and celebrate accordingly. Dress as you would on the honeymoon, cook or order authentic cuisine from the region, and learn the language together (or laugh hysterically at your failed pronunciations). Craft a “souvenir” by which to remember the adventure.

Having a poolside honeymoon might not sound as exciting as boarding a jet to a foreign country, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Take these and other pool party ideas for a honeymoon and write them on slips of paper to place into a “Date Ideas” jar for future reference. With the two of you on each other’s team, your bank account means very little.

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