Here Comes the Sun! States With the Most Sun Time for Pool Lovers

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If you love spending time in your backyard swimming pool, one of the toughest times of year is the stretch after the joy of the holidays and before the fun of pool season. But, never fear. While there is plenty of cool-to-cold weather ahead for the U.S., winter will very quickly be losing its icy grip. And then, out of nowhere, those wonderful rays of sunlight will be warming your pool water.

Desperately Seeking Sunshine

While a warm day is always a great day for taking a dip, the perfect pool weather involves plenty of sunshine. Not every state can be one that boasts a high number of sunny days, but we thought we would highlight the ones that do. Here is a list of the Top 10 states with the greatest percentage of daily sunshine during the summer months:


  1. Nevada (90%) – Average April temperatures for southern Nevada range from 71 to 86. You may even be able to take advantage of some poolside rays in March!
  2. Arizona (84%) – A whopping 86 degrees is the average temperature for April. What more can you ask for?
  3. Idaho (82%) – You probably won’t be getting lucky with pool friendly weather until May in Idaho, but once the summer sun is there, it is there to stay.
  4. Utah (82%) – Depending on where you are exactly, May will usually be the beginning of your pool season in Utah as well.
  5. Colorado (79%) – The front range has a higher probability of enjoyable pool temperatures in May. If you are up in the more mountainous western areas, you may have to wait until June rolls around.
  6. New Mexico (78%) – If you keep your fingers crossed, March could be your month! You just might get a few 70 degree days to enjoy in the coming weeks.
  7. Oklahoma (78%) – The sun will be out beginning in April, so get that pool ready!
  8. Hawaii (76%) – If you reside in Hawaii, you already know most of the nation is jealous of you all winter long. You most likely have a solid head start on your tan (if it even ever went away). Keep it going – your March temperatures are telling us you are going to want a place to cool off.
  9. Wyoming (74%) – You will probably want a light jacket until at least June in Wyoming, but once those temperatures start to rise, you won’t see many cloudy days, so take advantage!
  10. Kansas (73%) – April showers bring May flowers and great pool temperatures to Kansas. Start planning your pool opening and contact your local builder for any questions on repairs or chemicals.

It is true, we all love the sunshine – but it is obviously very possible to experience many sunny days that are not necessarily warm enough to make you want to take a dip in your swimming pool. Let’s take a look at the average temperatures across the United States and how that might change our list.

Avg State Temps.png

Now, of course, the amount of sunshine across a given state varies. So, if you want a more specific sun analysis, here are the Top 10 sunniest cities

  • Yuma, Arizona (90%)
  • Redding, California (88%)
  • Phoenix, Arizona (85%)
  • Tucson, Arizona (85%)
  • Las Vegas, Nevada (85%)
  • El Paso, Texas (84%)
  • Fresno, California (79%)
  • Reno, Nevada (79%)
  • Flagstaff, Arizona (78%)
  • Sacramento, California (78%)

Even if you don’t live in one of these UV ray-saturated areas, there is no need to worry – our owners from all across the nation are proof that a swimming pool is a priceless investment no matter what state you reside in. Still unsure? Just ask your local independent dealer!

Other Constructive Ways to Manage Your Anticipation

Many of us northerners have a little while before it makes sense to open our pools, but rather than sitting around waiting for the next calendar page to flip, there are many things you can do to start preparing for swim season. For example, you can shop for new pool wardrobe items and pool accessories. Or, you can use the time to complete one of those DIY projects you’ve had your eye on. Do you have enough pool toys? What are the coolest, newest ones? Now might be the time to order them. What about your pool itself? Is this the year that you add some dramatic lighting, jets, or a cool waterfall? Let your imagination wander a bit and your pool will be open before you know it! This is also a great time to contact your local builder for any pool opening services you would like done.

If you’ve got questions about maintaining or enhancing your swimming pool, or about having a pool installed, just contact the independent Latham Independent Builder near you for answers. They are happy to help and just as eager for swim season to arrive as you are!


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