custom pool with enclosed fireplace and raised fire pits

custom pool with enclosed fireplace and raised fire pits

Wow Your Guests With These Finishing Touches For Your Swimming Pool

June 17th, 2021 by

When you finally build your backyard pool, you want it to be more than just a place to swim. You want your pool to be a perfect getaway spot with beautifully tiled surfaces, dynamic water features, enchanting lighting, elegant landscaping, and a personality all its own. Whatever you imagine you can bring to life with the exciting selection of available pool finishing options.

Think of creating your perfect pool the way you would build a perfect home. You begin with the size, style, and shape, and then customize it to fit your desires and your lifestyle.

Multiple Entries

Not everyone wants to jump feet first right into the water. Young children, older adults and the less adventuresome often prefer a gradual submersion. Consider adding full-length steps and extra ladders to provide the easy access into the water that your family and friends require.


Your pool can capture a bit of nature at its most rugged when you add a grotto to your design. Your grotto can be constructed with natural rocks and boulders. It can be a bold structure incorporating waterfalls, cave-style openings, and rocky, back-to-nature elements. Consider adding a spa as well to take date night to your backyard.


Fiberglass | Fiji in Crystite Classic Sapphire Blue

Water Features

The gentle sound of running water inspires a sense of peace and comfort. You can achieve that soothing sensation any time you want when you add water features to your pool configuration.

  • Bubblers – Timed water jets that add an element of playful fun to your backyard pool
  • Cascades – Multiple or single mini waterfalls from your pool coping that entertain, delight and soothe
  • Custom Spillways and Splashways – customizable waterfalls
  • Streams -A gentle, adjustable flow of water installed at the pool line

Tanning Ledges

A tanning ledge can be a just-right feature for days when you want to hang out by the pool but don’t necessarily want to swim. You can customize your tanning ledge with a shallow pool in your choice of shapes and sizes.

Pool Illumination

The water in your pool can present a beguiling performance when you add the right light source. A wide selection of decorative lighting choices let you light your way for easier nighttime pool access or add a little shimmery, sparkly fun.

  • LED – Pure white light to enhance your pool surfaces
  • LED Color Changing Lights – Lighting that shifts to mirror your mood
  • Fiber Optic Lighting – Beautiful pure illumination that showcases your pool

Beautiful Landscaping

You can enhance your pool with stunning green plants, bushes and trees that are indigenous to your region. But attractive landscaping doesn’t have to focus on plants at all. Your unique poolside look can come from a combination of natural stones, tiled surface designs, arbors and deck furnishings, with hints of wild grasses and beds of colorful flowers.

Bring Your Vision to Life    

You can design and install your pool exactly the way you imagine it to be. Explore our Plan Your Pool section to bring your dream to life.

Editor’s note: Originally posted 3/2017.

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